Panzura and Google Partner to Deliver Leading File Solution for GCP

Google Cloud Partner

Enterprises in media and entertainment, genomics, life sciences, healthcare, oil and gas, financial services, and more choose Panzura CloudFS™ and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help them take advantage of the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud while achieving data center performance.

Together, CloudFS and GCP allow IT leaders to:

  • Accelerate cloud first initiatives
  • Achieve business agility to gain competitive advantage
  • Save money by tiering data to Google Archival Cloud Storage: Nearline and Coldline
  • Transition on-premise applications to Google Compute Storage (GCS)
  • Replace legacy NAS while realizing up to 70% savings in storage costs
  • Reduce file/NAS infrastructure by up to 90%
  • Increase productivity through real-time global collaboration

Panzura Freedom is the Leading Hybrid Cloud NAS Integrated with GCP

Panzura Freedom is underpinned by CloudFS, the first enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud. When you transform your storage infrastructure to GCP with the leading Hybrid Cloud NAS, the result is a simple, scalable, and secure storage infrastructure. Enterprise features that you will gain include:

  • Maximum scale, performance, and resource utilization
  • Real-time, global byte-range locking
  • File services to power data center workloads and mobile clients
  • Freedom-based business and deployment models
  • Automation and centralized management
  • Complete cloud data protection and high-availability with no single point of failure
Why Panzura - Purpose Built

Deploy Panzura Freedom as a VM or Physical Filer

Seamlessly create your Hybrid Cloud NAS in GCP and with a virtual or physical deployment. Both options will allow you to reduce file/NAS infrastructure and realize significant savings.

  • Virtual Machine (VM): Leverage your existing flash storage investment to manage unstructured data in the cloud.
  • Physical Filer: Deploy a physical Filer at each edge location and run use GCP as the authoritative data source.

Consolidate and Modernize Your Storage Infrastructure

Panzura and Google partner to help enterprises consolidate unstructured data in GCP. The result? A Hybrid Cloud NAS that reduces storage costs up to 70% and reduces file/NAS infrastructure by 90%. Panzura enables this by consolidating high-performance NFS and SMB enterprise file services and automating backup, archive, and disaster recovery.

Download our white paper to learn more about how Panzura and Google work together.

Panzura in the GCP Partner Community

Transform your storage infrastructure to GCP with Panzura. Enterprises can choose to deploy Panzura Freedom as a physical or virtual appliance. Visit us in the Google Cloud Platform Partner Community.

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