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Panzura and
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The fastest global cloud file system on the planet turns this technologically advanced cloud into a high performance, globally available data center.

Get high performance cloud object storage with world class security, at an economical price

With Google Cloud, you get just one high performance, low latency storage tier for all of your data. So, instead of choosing which data you care about the most, all you have to decide is how long you want to keep it.

Panzura brings your cloud-stored data closer. Working from a single authoritative data set in the cloud, your files still feel like they’re stored locally. That means they open and save fast, and lock for editing, just as if everyone was all in one office working from a local network drive.

Panzura is the only global file system with immediate data consistency—file changes made anywhere are immediately visible everywhere—giving a true single office experience.

Turn Google cloud storage into a high performance global file system with Panzura

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Cost effective enterprise cloud storage
World class data security
High bandwidth, low latency
3-way replication for data redundancy
Deduplicate and consolidate data from multiple locations
All the functionality and speed of single-site NAS, globally
Single authoritative data set across your entire organization
Automatic global file locking
Immediate global data consistency
Local file operation performance
Migrate apps to the cloud without rewrite
Protect data with 60-second snapshots that can't be overwritten
Self-protecting file storage with an RPO/RTO of 60 seconds
Protection against ransomware with immutable data

Google Cloud + Panzura = secure, scalable, durable and fast enterprise storage

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