The explosion of unstructured data has turned the work environment into an unmanageable and expensive data swamp where users can’t find, trust, or easily use the files they need.

Panzura, combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage, changes that by transforming all your customers' unstructured data into the most secure, and easy-to-use cloud data management platform on the planet.

Eliminate the risk of ransomware and compliance issues by using a file system and cloud object storage with built in immutability. Never slow down, never pay a ransom, recover from data loss in minutes, reduce data management costs and ensure data is where it should be for your customers.

That’s the power of Panzura and Wasabi Data Management solutions.

Together, we empower teams and users to collaborate securely from anywhere with the same feel of local storage performance and consistency. Move quickly towards Digital Transformation and turn your customers' unstructured data to structure, then to value, with Panzura and Wasabi.

In this channel webinar, we explain:

  • How you can tame your customers' problematic unstructured data.
  • How to monetize data management for you and your customers.
  • How to unlock additional opportunities from your customers' data.