Panzura® CloudFS™ is a global file system purpose-built to meet the challenges of modern data management. It transforms complex, multicomponent, and often multi-vendor environments into a singular, scalable, and efficient approach to data management. CloudFS provides a single authoritative dataset held in cloud object storage, enabling immediate global data consistency and local-feeling file performance across all locations. With CloudFS, data from all legacy storage instances is consolidated, de-duped and compressed, significantly reducing the overall unstructured data footprint. In that way it addresses cost reduction, risk mitigation, and operational complexity. And because CloudFS data is immutable, the business benefits from an added layer of resilience and security.

Why CloudFS Matters

According to a recent article in TDWI, the continued explosion of unstructured data, along with the prevalence of unstructured data storage on Network- Attached Storage (NAS) systems, amplifies the central data challenge facing modern businesses:

  • How to get more value from data, especially data needed for AI/ML-driven innovation, while
  • Optimizing storage costs and managing secure, productive file access.

CloudFS offers a proven answer to this challenge, and is game-changing for infrastructure and operations (I&O), data management, and IT security teams. With data durability without replication and granular point-in-time restores for resilience against ransomware, CloudFS not only replaces NAS systems, but associated backup and offsite data recovery processes and storage. It also provides a single pane of glass for searching and monitoring the entire file network.

Panzura CloudFS radically improves storage cost structures, simplifies unstructured data management, and enables local-feeling file sharing performance anytime, anywhere—all while enabling a vital added layer of security.

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