“As a multi-billion-dollar global engineering and design firm with over 30,000 employees and partners worldwide, speed and team productivity are critical to delivering world-class billion-dollar designs for our customers. With Panzura Freedom, we deployed one global cloud filesystem across all global sites, enabling engineers and designers to collaborate as one global team, dramatically increasing productivity and improving our bottom line.” – Henrik Carlberg, Business CIO, ÅF.


Why Freedom 8 for Multi-Cloud?


Freedom 8 - Performance

4X increased throughput for read/write operations to the public cloud </>

20Gbps front-end throughput per Freedom Filer virtual machine

Panzura Freedom 8 can service the most demanding I/O for NFS and SMB file-based applications, machines and users.


Freedom 8 - Scale

No limits for the number of global sites in one global filesystem with 3X faster metadata sync performance

Use Panzura patented FreedomSync™ technology along with 2X improvement in metadata space consumption

Single filers now support 5,000 connections and hundreds of thousands of connections in a cluster

Cloud Data Protection & Availability

Freedom 8 - Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Mirroring of data to two or more clouds provides auto-failover protection and business continuity

Protection against business disruption from cloud outages, accidental deletion of cloud buckets

Automated failover for local and global high-availability (HA) filers keep services running without disruption

One Portal Management

Freedom 8 - Portal Management

Granular REST API for fully automated deployment, configuration and management of all Freedom filers, including performance, health and status metrics

Single portal for monitoring statistics for all filer nodes worldwide, including central, customizable alerting capabilities

Search & Analytics

Freedom - Search & Analytics

Visualize, index, search, audit and analyze Panzura Freedom 8 file data with Vizion.ai

Mobile Access

Freedom 8 - Mobile Access

Real-time and Enterprise File Sync and Share Services (EFSS) access to Panzura Freedom 8 for mobile application users

Includes full Mobile Device Management (MDM) support with ability to revoke access immediately or auto-expiration

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