American College of Radiology Streamlines Data Management and Protection

Panzura customer story - American College of Radiology


Standing at the forefront of radiology evolution, the American College of Radiology stores an enormous amount of patient data. Legacy methods of protecting that data had become prohibitively expensive, and rapid file access was becoming problematic.


Panzura helped the ACR to reduce costs, lower their overall storage requirements by 70% and implement a scalable data management solution in CloudFS.




From a storage perspective, if I want to store and protect 100 terabytes worth of data, I could end up paying for almost five times the amount of storage, plus the backup licenses. That’s not a sustainable growth model. On top of that, we have to make sure we’re secure from a HIPAA perspective. We clearly needed a new plan.

- Matt Jordan, Senior Director IT Operations

Providing a connection to the cloud

Panzura solves two other problems for us,. One is that if I delete a file, I can easily restore from a snapshot, solving my backup requirements I don’t need to back the system up because it’s backing itself up archiving the data and the snapshots to Datatility’s Hydra Cloud, where it’s secure, protected and dispersed across datacenters. I also have the ability for our applications to leverage Hydra without the need to modify the applications.

- Matt Jordan, Senior Director IT Operations

Significant cost savings

Meeting stringent HIPAA compliance regulations

Local-feeling file performance

Panzura, Datatility and Hydra gives us the flexibility to grow over time and absolutely nails the performance at the predictable pricing we need.

- Matt Jordan, Senior Director IT Operations

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