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Snapshots, Backup, and Disaster Recovery

Panzura provides integrated backup, disaster recovery, archiving, and point-in-time file retrieval as standard. Snapshots are taken at the file system level and at the individual file level. Everything is protected and standardized in the cloud, with scale and redundancy architected into Panzura cloud file solutions.

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Simplify Costly Backup and Restore Processes

Enterprises using legacy NAS will often replicate data from one NAS device to a second local NAS device for high availability. They may then replicate the data again to a third remote NAS device for disaster recovery. The replicated data is typically read-only and, in the event it is needed, will require a recovery process.

Panzura CloudFS™ eliminates this by consolidating 100% of your unstructured data in the cloud. Every CloudFS node has read access to the entire data set so there is no need for replication software or redundant storage.


Enterprise Cloud Data Protection

Cloud providers automatically create redundant copies of data across different data centers and geographies as part of architecting system durability into their service. Offering 13 9s or greater durability, cloud providers offer data protection beyond what individual enterprises could affordably achieve themselves. Panzura leverages these capabilities to provide enterprise customers a single source of truth to optimize backup, recovery, archive and DR workflows.

Global Snapshot Technology

Panzura CloudFS protects data with space-efficient, enterprise-class snapshots that never impact performance and store any number of snapshots to meet any retention policy. Achieve a near-zero recovery point objective (RPO) with the ability to immediately restore data from an entire file system down to an individual file.

  • User-defined snapshot schedule
    Snapshots can be taken on a user-defined schedule, as frequently as every second.
  • Configurable snapshot retention policies
    Configurable retention policies let you keep snapshots as long as you need them.
  • Designed to avoid I/O impact
    Snapshots are done using redirect on write, which means there’s no I/O impact since data blocks are never overwritten with new snapshots.
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Near Instant Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware and other cyberattacks are a constant threat. For enterprises, becoming a victim of one of these threats has become a matter of when, not if — so they need to be prepared. Panzura ensures you’ll never need to pay a ransom, and that your data will be back to normal quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


Granular Snapshot Recovery

The Data Owner state is transported via metadata snapshots.  A node wanting to assume Data Ownership for a file checks its metadata for the node on which the file was created (the Origin) and then communicates directly with the Origin, to request the lock and become the Authoritative Write Node.

Local Metadata

Every Panzura node stores the global metadata for the entire file system locally. Therefore, any type of restore can be performed from metadata.


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