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Panzura Edge Solution Brief

Secure, Performant File Access and Sharing to the Edge

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In today’s interconnected digital environment, data needs to be securely available anywhere, on any
device, to any user you authorize. That includes your teams and it may also include your trusted
partners and clients, for selected projects.

There are numerous legitimate needs to share files between trusted organizations. As companies form
relationships with vendors, clients or partners, projects frequently require secure, restricted digital deal
rooms or project spaces in which project teams can share, access and edit project or deal-specific files.

Additionally, widely distributed workforces have a constant need to be able to access company files
from any device, including mobile phones, and work with them as easily and seamlessly as if they were
in the office.

Anything less risks putting a significant dent in your productivity.

All too often though, that need for sharing and collaboration drives people to move files outside of your
organization’s file system — and therefore outside of IT control — simply because the file system isn’t
up to the task. Either it lacks a secure, governed way to provide limited-time access to those outside
your organization, or remote access is so slow and awkward on mobile devices that users resort to
making file copies.

OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and even iCloud have become popular options for business filesharing, in addition to dedicated enterprise file sync and share options, which can be deployed either onpremises or in the cloud. Each of them is yet another tool for already-overloaded IT teams to manage.
Worse, it’s easy for well-meaning individuals to create accounts with these and other file-sharing tools,
and use them to store and share your company’s sensitive documents.

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