5 Minutes With Jason Luehrs

Q: Jason – tell us about your background, before you joined Panzura?

A: After starting my career at KPMG, I went right into the technology space and have helped build and evolve companies of various sizes and stages from software to communications to payment processing.  Through my career I have been on both sides of the M&A coin, most recently with the sale of my last company to a strategic investor for over $100M.

Q: When did you join Panzura and what was the one thing that told you this company was for you?

A: I joined Panzura in December of 2018. One of the key reasons for me joining was the team that I would be working with both directly and across the company. There were a few common themes that kept coming across that resonated with me. This was the combination of driving to get the right answer, having a team oriented approach, and a strong desire to win.

Q: Is there such a thing as a typical day and if so, what does that look like?

A:. I have joked with my team that the only consistent thing is inconsistency.  As a company we have continued to evolve over the last few years but maintained our customer first principal.  Given the variety of customers we have this keeps our team on their toes. While we are coming towards the back end of a few of our recent company changes, I know the growth that we have ahead of us will continue to keep us in a “professionally athletic position”.

Q: Despite the uncertainty with the pandemic, what does it say about Panzura’s ability to keep growing during this time?

A:  The inherent nature of our technology puts us in a position to support customers that have not previously had such a significant need to enable a remote workforce, or those that were already along the path but were forced to accelerate their plans.  Profile Capital’s investment and network have given us the stability to allow our team to take advantage of the patent portfolio that we have built and strategically invest to continue to grow.  This combination demonstrates that the desire to win that initially brought me here remains alive and well.

Q: What achievement are you most proud of in your time here so far?

A: I am most proud of what the team has accomplished in the last few months.  While we were going through a rather tumultuous time both internally and in the world at large we were able to deliver great results.

Q: What’s your superpower?

A:. My superpower is my ability to translate complex business scenarios into actions…. So I guess I’m good at word problems?

Q: Tell us a bit about Jason Luehrs the person.

A: I have been blessed with an extremely supportive family and friend group that have helped me in every way imaginable and for that I am extremely grateful.  My wife Emily impresses and inspires me everyday.  I golf as often as I can and as any golfer will tell you that’s not enough.  I try to sprinkle in a few other odds and ends of activity.  I always am looking for opportunities to learn, and enjoy having conversations where people can educate me on a new topic or perspective.

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