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3 Protective Layers for High Data Availability

Reading Time: 4 minutes Losing access to data for extended periods of time can be crippling. The human and financial costs of data loss – whether temporary or permanent – to an organization continue to grow with every passing year. Data availability has long been considered a storage problem, but it’s not. It’s a data management problem.

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Storage is Never Enough – The Case for Data Management

Reading Time: 4 minutes Legacy file systems have a lot to answer for, when it comes to the endless file versions they allow users to create, and their reliance on replication for file durability. That creates a storage problem, which is expensive. However, the data management problem this approach creates is far more impactful.

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4 Reasons Why Enterprise File Sharing is Hurting You

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is a massive misunderstanding of file collaboration suffocating your enterprise’s productivity? If your multi-site team accepts slow file opening and bottlenecked workflows as “normal,” you’re falling behind your competitors brave enough to recognize what they’re missing.

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