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Panzura and
Microsoft Azure

Transform Azure cloud storage into a high performance enterprise file system.

Teamwork in Action

With Panzura, you can consolidate your unstructured data into Azure cloud storage and gain a complete global cloud file system that lets your entire enterprise operate like everyone’s in the same office.

Turn Microsoft Azure into a high performance global file system with Panzura
Panzura cloud partner - Microsoft Azure micro+azure
Cost effective cloud storage
Cloud storage scalability you won't outgrow
Flexible options to meet your data storage needs
Deduplicate and consolidate data from multiple locations
Save up to 70% on total data storage and backup costs
All the functionality and speed of single-site NAS, globally
Single authoritative data set across your entire organization
Automatic global file locking
Immediate global data consistency
Local file operation performance
Migrate apps to the cloud without rewrite
Rehydrate legacy tape data for
advanced analytics and machine learning
Mirror data across a secondary cloud provider
Protect data with 60-second snapshots that can't be overwritten
Resilient file storage with an RPO/RTO of 60 seconds
Protection against ransomware with immutable data
Search, audit and monitor your entire file system
from one elegant dashboard

Customer Stories

Leading enterprises trust Panzura on Azure to deliver a high performance file
system that maximizes productivity and minimizes cost

Panzura case study - AFRY

International engineering, design and advisory company AFRY chooses Panzura on Azure to allow its 17,000 strong staff to work collaboratively across 40 countries.

Panzura case study - Melbourne Football Club
Elite sporting organization the Melbourne Football Club chooses Panzura on Azure for secure, highly available storage for 200+ hours of HD video shot every week without exceeding league spending limits.
CDW and Panzura case study - Pret A Manger

Global provider of handmade,
natural food Pret A Manger chooses Panzura on Azure to deliver a cloud-based file sharing system that enabled its teams to collaborate across multiple offices in multiple countries.

Azure + Panzura = secure, scalable, highly productive cloud storage

  Scalable cloud storage you won’t outgrow.

  Flexible as your needs change.

  Built-in security to keep your data safe.

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