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Top 5 Global Media, Entertainment & Gaming Company Accelerates Collaboration and Project Delivery with Panzura Freedom


A top tier media, entertainment and gaming company with various lines of business (LOB) spread worldwide wanted to modernize their file storage infrastructure so that they could optimize their workforce productivity. 

Addressing their file storage needs had been a primary goal for several years. Their work involved teams with specialized skills dispersed across various geographical locations to come together and share content in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. Each of these design teams had strict deadlines to deliver media content, merchandise, and gaming aligned with the overall business objectives. 

They used a combination of windows file storage, and hosted tools like Dropbox and media shuttle for collaboration. However, this was a slow process and in some cases, it was impossible to share files across continents in a practical and timely manner.

24 Hours for Data Updates, 5 Days for Data Sync

As an example, each time a knowledge worker based in one geography made a small change, it took 24 hours to get to another worker who was based in another region because their existing file storage which included Dell Servers and Nimble SAN arrays replicated data once in 24 hours. 

Therefore, five small changes done in a project – at different times in a day – would take 5 days to get to another team member to see the complete picture. Apart from high performant global collaboration, the customer also wanted file locking functionality as part of the solution so that the data would not be corrupted.


This media and entertainment company empowered its design teams across different time zones and locations by implementing Panzura Freedom Collaboration.

Never Overwrite Your Co-worker Data

By consolidating data into a single source of truth and using Panzura’s global namespace and distributed global file locking, their IT team allows their designers to work on the same “golden” copy without worrying about overwriting with another designer. Panzura’s Cloud Filer with Global Read/Write protection ensures that multiple users – spread across the world – can safely work on files within the same project without fear of stepping on each other

From 24 hours to Real-time Data Updates

The real-time collaboration reduced the latency associated with remote file access and increased efficiency so that various teams can focus on their respective tasks, take on more work and not get stuck with IT challenges. 

Today, the Panzura solution is helping not only leverage talent spread in different geo-locations but also giving the ability to the company to shift the right workforce to the right project. Any office with excess capacity of manpower or a specialized skill can be channelized to an appropriate project in another region of the world. The ability to not only leverage all talent pools but also divert them appropriately to grow their business is a major advantage.

Search and Audit Your Data Within Seconds delivered capabilities of auditing and file search for administrative function as well as end-user design teams. The ability to search metadata and to understand the state of files is a huge win for this organization. 

Auditing files and folders has given the admins insight to specific users and how they are making edits, as well as spotting abnormalities. also enables them to search for content within seconds; easily finding and gaining access files from multiple locations and previous versions.


Panzura has delivered tremendous business value by allowing the media and entertainment company’s design, marketing, and production teams to collaborate and share content seamlessly so they can focus on what they need to deliver and grow. By taking advantage of the modern, built-for-the-cloud era solutions from Panzura, this media and entertainment company has been able to accelerate its growth in a secure and cost-efficient manner.



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Unable to share media content smoothly across different geographies leading to idle time and loss of productivity. Wanted a solution that would enable collaboration on file workloads, increase productivity and offer file locking to keep data integrity. 


Panzura allowed them to manage file storage seamlessly so that they could move swiftly and enhance productivity. The distributed file locking delivered data integrity and file consistency. gave the ability to search metadata and understand the state of files

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