The 3 Things Your Global Cloud File Solution MUST Get Right

Whether you’re in architecture, engineering, game design, media or financial services, your enterprise needs a global cloud file solution that works in the real world. This no-holds-barred whitepaper details the 3 key requirements the solution you choose must meet, or your organization will struggle in the cloud.

1. Real World Global Collaboration

The solution must allow team members to work together in real-time without changing workflows and processes that are already proven to be successful.

2. Impact on Organizational Speed

The solution must be fast and achieve immediate data consistency for every team member, using the platform anywhere. And it must remain fast even as your utilization scales.

3. Overall Enterprise Value

The total cost of ownership must clearly support senior leaders who need to justify the near term spend and demonstrate long term value in driving growth.

In this whitepaper, we examine in detail how leading cloud storage platforms Panzura and Nasuni actually work in your environment.

We discuss their significant differences in design as well as the real-world functionality and usability that will impact you on a daily basis.
Moving to the global collaborative economy - the 3 key things your global file system must get right

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