Solution Briefs

Discover Panzura’s unique solutions for managing and protecting cloud data at enterprise and public sector scale, delivering high performance, high intelligence outcomes.

Panzura Solution Brief - Streamlining SOX Compliance

Solution Brief – Streamlining SOX Compliance

Panzura’s modern approach to data management streamlines the organization’s ability to implement the security controls for financial data mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as protecting both regulated and unregulated data.

Panzura Solution Brief - GDPR Compliance

Solution Brief – GDPR Compliance

Panzura offers data privacy and security by design, allowing organizations to keep data secure and protected, securely delete it when necessary, track data access and movement, and prove GDPR compliance when required.

Solution brief – Permanent, Secure File Erasure

Solution Brief – Permanent, Secure File Erasure

For IT environments that require the ability to securely remove all traces of highly sensitive files, CloudFS Secure Erase makes it possible to delete a file or folder so that the contents cannot be restored.

Solution brief - media & entertainment

Solution Brief – Media & Entertainment

Panzura delivers ultimate in cloud performance for fast sharing of mega-sized media files, and realtime collaboration on Adobe Creative and CAD files, letting media and entertainment firms delivery projects to market faster.

Solution brief - public sector

Solution Brief – Public Sector

Public sector and government organizations working to control escalating storage costs while protecting data, and keeping it compliant use Panzura to manage even their most sensitive data and critical workflows.  Learn more with our public sector solution brief. Download the solution brief

Solution brief - AEC - Panzura

Solution Brief – Architecture, Engineering & Construction

As AEC firms strive to deliver deliverables to clients better, and faster, being able to draw in key talent to work on a project at a moment’s notice makes you more competitive. Panzura uniquely lets you create a high performance file environment, where data is protected and people

Solution brief - healthcare & life sciences - Panzura

Solution Brief – Healthcare & Life Sciences

As the sheer volume of data escalates, storage requirements for healthcare providers are straining physical and financial limits. To compound the problem, advances in digital imaging means digital files such as x-rays are rapidly increasing in file size and require more storage space. Critically, all data must be

Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance Solution Brief

Solution Brief – Financial Services

As banks and other financial service providers modernize their IT infrastructure leveraging hybrid and multi-cloud architectures to save costs and serve their customers better, Panzura brings secure and resilient solutions for storing and accessing file data across public and private cloud infrastructure.  Download our solution brief

Ransomware Protection Solution Brief

Ransomware Protection

Panzura’s modern, resilient approach to protecting data means that ransomware attacks do not damage files in the Panzura global file system. Instead, attacks are shrugged off by quickly reverting back to previous data blocks, to make up uninfected files. Download it free

Solution brief - protect and defend data with Panzura and Varonis

Solution Brief – Protect & Defend Data

Data is created, stored, accessed and shared faster than security can keep up. Together, Panzura CloudFS and the Varonis Security Platform can help organizations modernize, manage, protect, and defend their file and storage infrastructure.

Panzura for manufacturing

Solution Brief – Manufacturing

Fast, efficient collaboration across sites is key to speeding up product to market, and Panzura is unmatched in real time, highly productive cross-site collaboration. Learn more about our data management and collaboration solutions by downloading our solution brief. Download our solution brief