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Protection at the edge for the future of work

According to recent research by McKinsey, the future of work is mobile. “Smartphones paved the way for the connected workforce, but today’s workers need far more than email and a few enterprise applications at their fingertips. They need the ability to work anywhere, anytime...” That future is upon us now, and it poses a challenge for information security leadership as well as storage and data management leaders. As early as 2016, NIST cataloged the security threats posed by mobile devices. NIST noted that mobile-device use expands the threat landscape, and our customers told us it can complicate file sharing and collaboration.

Now Panzura CloudFS customers can extend secure collaboration to the mobile edge of their organizations. With Panzura Edge, customers get easy, secure anytime, anywhere access to their CloudFS data. For those organizations with the following use cases, Edge is a must-evaluate solution.

Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC)

  • On-site teams who need secure access through their mobile devices to plans, workorders, shipping documentation, contracts, and other large files held in CloudFS.
  • Team members who need to securely collaborate using CloudFS files while away from their desktop or laptop.
  • Trusted partners and subcontractors who need to securely collaborate with the rest of the team through their mobile devices.

“[Construction companies need] to monitor heavy machinery on a site or communicate with architects and management with good video quality to quickly resolve construction challenges.” - McKinsey Research

State and Local Government / Justice and Legal

  • Attorneys, law enforcement, and justice personnel needing secure access to video files and other large file types in CloudFS through secured mobile devices.
  • Health and human services staff who need secure access to client records containing images or large amounts of unstructured data.
  • Emergency personnel and field technicians supporting residential or business utility lines needing near-real-time access to large files for analysis.

“Field technicians ... need instant access to large blueprints and other technical files to perform preventive maintenance and conduct real-time simulations and analysis, typically while they are in a remote location.” - McKinsey Research

Healthcare Providers

  • Care providers who need CloudFS secure file access through tablets at patients’ bedsides or other point-of-care locations.
  • EMTs and other emergency personnel needing to securely share imaging files with emergency room and hospital staff in preparation for triage and care.
  • Medical teams supporting disaster recovery who need file access for collaborative care while at remote sites.

Mobile devices can enable collaboration across the continuum of care, “from paramedics in ambulances, to doctors and nurses in hospitals, in transit or conducting telemedicine visits or remote diagnostics.” - McKinsey Research

Financial Services Organizations

  • Insurance and claims adjusters needing remote site secure file sharing to speed claims processing.
  • Loan origination and mortgage underwriters who need secure access to large files to better meet client needs.
  • Financial services teams needing anytime, anywhere secure file access to serve customers where they are—to increase customer satisfaction.

“20 percent of consumers are willing to use remote advisory for complex needs now, and intent to use bank branches has decreased 15 percent since the pandemic started.” - McKinsey Research

Secure. Scalable. See for yourself.

Panzura Edge, like Panzura CloudFS, layers protection to ensure only those authorized can access and collaborate on files. And like CloudFS, Edge ensures auditable, admin-managed, compliant file access and use.

  • Active Directory password and lockout policies are enforced.
  • Two-factor authentication is instantiated.
  • Granular file-sharing permissions and user access is admin-set and managed.
  • Client application security policies are implemented.
  • Audit transparency and HIPAA compliance are enabled.
  • Data is secured in-flight using the most current encryption methods.

Edge not only reduces security risks associated with mobile collaboration, it brings the benefit of CloudFS scalability to those who need to securely access and load very large files, such as construction blueprints, video files needed for legal matters, healthcare radiology images, and lengthy mortgage documents and other contracts.

It’s time to equip your organization for the mobile future of work. Request a Panzura Edge demo today.