Panzura CloudFS

Global Enterprise File System Purpose Built for the Cloud. 

Panzura CloudFS™, an eighth generation file system, was focused from the beginning on 6 key design tenets. The result? A resilient multi-cloud data management solution for the enterprise that delivers a Global Cloud File System with single namespace, multi-site deployment, and file standardization across private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Enterprise Scale, Performance, and Resource Utilization

Panzura Enterprise File System - Performance

Enterprise Global Collaboration

Panzura Enterprise File System - Global Collaboration

Enterprise File Services for Data Center Workloads and Mobile Clients

Panzura Intelligent File Services

Enterprise Deployment and Cloud Choice

Panzura Enterprise File System - Flexibility

Enterprise Automation and Centralized Management

Panzura Enterprise File System - Automation

Multi-Cloud Data Protection and Availability

Panzura Enterprise File System - Protection

How does Panzura CloudFS Work?

Panzura CloudFS is a scale-out, distributed file system purpose-built for the cloud. Programmatically accessible through REST APIs, CloudFS integrates with the cloud for economics, scalability, and durability. It scales globally across multiple sites and multiple clouds so that users can work as One Collaborative Team and get One Global Experience.

How Panzura CloudFS Works

Panzura Freedom Filers at each site connect to each other and to an object store

Frequently used files are cached at each location for low latency access

Files are kept constantly synchronized across all sites

Users can access the same file at the same time, even if they’re thousands of miles apart

The master copy is kept synchronized with the public or private cloud provider of your choice

Byte-range global locking technology protects files from being accidentally overwritten

Global namespace helps maintain data consistency and integrity across all sites

Global locking and metadata efficiency allow the global namespace to present a single volume to all sites

30+ Patents and Growing

Panzura CloudFS incorporates key enabling technologies that deliver multi-cloud storage consolidation without sacrificing performance at the edge. As a result, customers manage exponential unstructured data growth through a Global Cloud File System, single namespace, and multi-site deployment with standardization across private, public and hybrid clouds.

Panzura has been awarded 30+ patents to date, with more in process.