Panzura Global Cloud File System

Panzura’s global cloud file system  transforms  cloud storage into high-performance enterprise file systems by giving distributed teams rapid, secure file access to a single, authoritative data source.  No more NAS storage for every office – by delivering one file system across hundreds of offices, Panzura CloudFS™ allows users to work together as if they were in the same room. 

When you all worked in one office, everything was fast. Files opened right up. If someone was working on a file, anyone else trying to open it was told it was locked for editing. As soon as someone saved a change, everyone else could see it. Now, you can get that single office experience everywhere. 

 Designed for productivity and engineered for speed, Panzura uses wicked smart technology to gives you a global cloud file system with a single global namespace, scalable multi-site deployment, and immediate global data consistency across private, public, and dark clouds.

Local NAS Experience. Cloud NAS Execution.

Panzura’s global cloud file system acts just like an enterprise NAS, and looks like a standard Windows file share to your applications and users. But, unlike traditional NAS or SAN infrastructure, it’s designed to span multiple offices regionally, nationally, and around the globe. 

Built from the ground up to power enterprise-scale cloud deployments, every component is designed to deliver a high performance environment where nothing stands in the way of your people doing what they do best – all of the time, no matter where they are.

One Authoritative Data Source

Panzura CloudFS stores your data as the authoritative data source in the cloud. Local filers at each site connect to the cloud and to every other local filer in your network. This hub, spoke and mesh architecture is critical to providing realtime data integrity across your entire cloud file system.

Intelligent Caching For Local Performance

Frequently used files are cached on Panzura filers at each location for low latency access. Files are de-duplicated at the edge and only updates are sent to the cloud - rather than transmitting the entire file any time it changes - to minimize your egress charges and bandwidth demands.

Scalable Simultaneous Bursting Sync

Every 60 seconds, Panzura syncs changed data from every filer to the cloud - and to every other local filer - in a simultaneous bursting sync. Immediate data updates are processed between local filers. Whether you have 5 sites or 500, every user always has an up-to-the-moment view of every file.

Distributed File Locking That Always Works

As soon as a user opens a file in your cloud network, it’s locked for editing. If another user tries to open it, they’re told that the file is already in use and are given the option to open a read-only copy, or to be notified when the file is available for editing. No overwriting, no file versions.

Byte Range Locking for Cross-Site Collaboration

Panzura CloudFS allows globally distributed teams to collaborate on Revit, Civil 3D and other CAD and CAM files in real time, across multiple locations, by locking just the file portion that's being edited. It's next-level productivity for manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction firms.

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Panzura Mobile™ give your remote users seamless access to the data in your cloud file network, while maintaining enterprise-level security and complete IT control. Natively integrated with Panzura CloudFS, it eliminates the need for third-party enterprise file sync and share applications.

Cloud NAS with Realtime Global Data Consistency

Panzura’s Global Cloud File System incorporates key enabling technologies that deliver multi-cloud storage consolidation in a high performance environment. 

It’s a global file solution that delivers a true cloud NAS experience with automated distributed file locking and realtime data consistency for every location in your global cloud network, regardless of how many locations you have.

How? Our patented file synchronization process moves the least amount of data in the fastest way, letting your distributed teams work together, faster.