Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC)

Accelerate Collaboration and Reduce Costs

CAD, BIM, and other applications must work seamlessly, even when project teams are stretched across time zones — but it can’t cost a small fortune in storage and networking to make it happen.

For me, the best part about this is I never have to worry about buying more storage…
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Kenneth Danila, IT Director at Woodard & Curran

Panzura Works the Way You Do

Panzura Works the Way You Do - AEC

Accelerate Collaboration

BIM and CAD project files include hundreds of files requiring thousands more file system transactions, such as opens, lookups, locks, closes, and unlocks. Panzura solves the ‘File Open’ problem, reducing BIM and CAD file open times from upwards of 20 minutes to as little as 8 seconds. Learn more about our patented global locking.

Get the Right People on the Right Project

A single project team can consist of skilled professionals geographically distributed across multiple offices. Panzura enables AEC firms to tap into their people anywhere in the world, optimizing expertise wherever it exists, rather than having to rely upon the resources of a single office or the relocation of employees to a different office.

Eliminate the Versioning Problem

With Freedom Collaboration, globally dispersed teams can collaborate like they are in the same office. Teams using applications like Revit and AutoCAD can lock only the file elements they need to access. The local Panzura Freedom Filer owns the lock for the chosen sub-file, reducing sync times and increasing productivity. This means only one location can write to a sub-file at a time, but every team can work on the project at once.

Improve Revit Performance

Regardless of location, users can sync with centralized storage at LAN-like speeds, cutting wait times on all projects. Panzura also enables Revit project teams to work together in the same project from different locations with real-time Element Borrowing across sites. Panzura also fully supports Worksharing Monitor, so users can have a real-time view of the status and activity of other users working in the same model.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs Up to 70%

Panzura CloudFS™ consolidates unstructured data storage, archive, backup, and disaster recovery in the cloud; eliminates legacy NAS; and enables real-time, global collaboration. By taking advantage of the cloud, enterprises save up to 70% while achieving data center performance.

Visit our Panzura Freedom Collaboration page, read our CAD Theory of Operation and Best Practices white paper, understand how our AEC customers have benefitted from a Panzura Freedom solution, or read our new AEC solution brief.

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