Panzura Freedom Mobile

Panzura Mobile™ Datasheet

Panzura Mobile leverages the benefits of Panzura CloudFS including deduplication, compression, and military-grade encryption to ensure efficient and secure file sharing to meet cost and compliance requirements. Since Panzura Mobile connects to CloudFS, there is no change to a user’s normal workflow. Download Panzura Mobile Datasheet.
Download Panzura Mobile™ Datasheet
Panzura Freedom Filer Datasheet

Panzura Freedom NAS Filer™

The Panzura Freedom Family, powered by the industry’s first purpose-built global cloud file system, called the Panzura CloudFS is a next-generation multi-cloud NAS filer. The Freedom filer provides today’s enterprise with a cluster-based solution that spans data centers, office sites and compute clouds enabling local, hybrid and in-cloud ... Read More
Download Panzura Freedom NAS Filer™
Panzura Freedom NAS Datasheet

Panzura Freedom NAS™ Datasheet

Panzura Freedom NAS consolidates unstructured data to the cloud, eliminates islands of storage, dramatically simplifies backup, replication, disaster recovery, and archive processes, while significantly reducing costs. Freedom NAS allows organizations to take advantage of the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud, while enabling data center performance. Download ... Read More
Download Panzura Freedom NAS™ Datasheet