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Gold Installation Services and MSP Availability Backed by No-Risk Migration and Cost Assurances, Lifetime Support, and Open-and-Shut Competitive Superiority 

Panzura has announced the Panzura Guarantee, a new complementary program to ensure peace-of-mind and ease, across every stage of the customer journey starting with buying and rollout, and throughout the lifetime of a Panzura implementation. It is designed to accelerate hybrid-cloud adoption so organizations can quickly and securely accrue the benefits of cloud-based data management using Panzura’s award-winning technology.

It is available to all customers, and through managed services providers (MSPs), looking to pivot their data, storage and backup infrastructure to Panzura. Specialized migration services and incentives are offered to customers who would like to transition to Panzura from alternative unified NAS offerings.

The Panzura Guarantee combines smart assessment and readiness services, a risk-free and simplified deployment path, and lifetime assistance to boost return on investment. The Panzura global file system makes it possible to use object storage like a globally available data center, creating a high-performance environment across the enterprise. 

Introducing the Panzura Guarantee
With an industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 87, Panzura provides the highest calibre customer support and services. The Panzura Guarantee is part of the company’s continuous effort to deliver the best possible customer experience, along with MSP options, in support of long-term cloud success.

Gold Installation Services offer end-to-end consulting and professional support, including a comprehensive project plan mapped to each customer's business and operational goals. A dedicated project manager and installation experts, as well as full technical data assistance for migration and implementation, are offered to ensure each customer has the tools and guidance to successfully move, manage, and secure their data and workloads.

The Panzura Guarantee is backed by a rock-solid 30-day, no-risk speed-to-implementation promise for taking the Panzura global file system live. Complementary 24/7 support through Panzura Global Services, and a technical account manager, remain on tap throughout the life of the relationship starting on the first day. The guarantee includes an assurance that costs will not exceed initial estimates, and real-time project management offers clarity and counsel at each step.

“Enterprise organizations are looking to move fast toward digital transformation and they choose Panzura because they need a simple, secure solution to manage their data,” said Dan Waldschmidt, chief revenue officer at Panzura. “The Panzura Guarantee provides them with confidence to move to the cloud, knowing that a team of seasoned professionals is managing every detail of that process.”

Open-and-Shut Competitive Superiority
With Panzura, enterprise companies can take advantage of the cloud’s benefits regardless of where data or users are located. Panzura’s cloud data management capabilities dramatically reduce hybrid-cloud complexity, and simplify data storage management while speeding up access and analysis for applications and users.

The Panzura global file system is 70% cheaper to own and operate than legacy storage and other solutions. It provides unrivaled efficiency, stability and edge performance especially at scale. Immutable security delivers permanent, at-scale data resilience for the hybrid multi-cloud with the highest level of protection and recovery against ransomware and other threats.

“IT departments are under extraordinary pressure to prove the value of technology investments from day one. It’s an open-and-shut case when it comes to the competition because Panzura outperforms at every level, and that’s one of the main reasons we’ve created the Panzura Guarantee,” Waldschmidt said.

  • Panzura empowers people and teams to instantly and securely work together with the same local-feeling file performance, no matter where they are located.
  • Panzura scales without impacting performance, making files immediately consistent, everywhere. Competitor unified NAS products take 5 minutes or more per location for file changes to show up.
  • Panzura users experience no delay when opening files. With other offerings, a user will often have to wait 20 minutes or more to achieve the same result.
  • Panzura supports the most secure network environments, unlike other commensurate solutions which do not operate in private sites such as those required for finance and government.
  • Panzura consumes far fewer compute resources in contrast to competitor bandwidth-intensive solutions that rely on clunky, archaic deduplication methods.
  • Panzura offers true cloud redundancy with unique, powerful cloud-mirroring capabilities, while users of competitive unified NAS providers are crippled when primary cloud storage goes offline.
  • Panzura has no single point-of-failure with file locking that ensures always-on data consistency. When central file locking fails as with inferior competitive solutions, the entire system reverts to read-only.