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Panzura CloudFS Delivers Enterprise Advantage to Organizations Looking to Manage and Scale Distributed File and Storage Infrastructure According to Leading Research Firm

SAN JOSE, Calif.—May 28, 2021—Panzura announced that DCIG, a leading IT industry research firm, has named Panzura CloudFS global file system to its list of “TOP 5 Enterprise Multi-site File Collaboration Solutions.” In a new report that is now available for download, DCIG provides guidance on technologies that distributed organizations should consider for file collaboration.

The report indicates that Panzura outperforms comparable offerings in several key areas. This includes Panzura distributed file locking support for securing files at the byte-range level, native integration of Panzura Mobile with CloudFS to add enterprise file-sync and share to a company’s file services, and real-time global data consistency with Panzura’s unique hub, spoke and mesh architecture.

CloudFS helps the modern enterprise manage and scale file and storage infrastructure with a globally available, highly performant NAS and Object Storage solution. Replacing legacy storage with a remarkably simplified approach to storing, managing, querying and working with unstructured data, Panzura CloudFS makes it possible to migrate data and workloads to the cloud, and then serve up files so fast it seems as if they are sitting on a local server. 

According to DCIG, “Panzura CloudFS helps companies with distributed workforces accomplish work faster. Inherent within Panzura’s collaboration solution is the Panzura Cloud File System (CloudFS), a distributed file system specifically designed for the cloud. For end-users, CloudFS looks and behaves like local file storage. Intelligent caching keeps the most relevant data close to users at the edge.”

The newly released report explains, “Panzura backs this edge storage in a centralized cloud data repository on public or private cloud storage. Enterprises may deploy the Panzura CloudFS three ways: on a physical Panzura Filer, a virtual machine, or as a virtual instance in the cloud. CloudFS supports the latest NFS and SMB protocols.”

Panzura’s global file system employs proprietary network acceleration technology that manages and moves vast stores of data held in public, private, or dark clouds to the right place and on demand. Frequently used files, derived from an authoritative cloud-based source, are cached on edge appliances called filers. As a result, end users experience consistency, synchronization, security and replication that feels like they are working in the same location regardless of distance or multi-cloud hybrid-cloud IT configurations.

“We see DCIG’s report as more proof of the value Panzura brings to secure global collaboration, connecting data creators with data users, and allowing organizations to work and share data seamlessly across any distance,” said Gerard Warrens, Vice President, Product Management at Panzura. “Not only does this empower tremendous productivity across the organization, but Panzura’s collaboration capabilities allow data that was previously stored in silos to be used as actionable intelligence.”

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