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Panzura Delivers Full-Service, Lightning-Fast Data Migration From Zero to Done With Dedicated Experts and Blue-Sky Thinking to Complete Any NAS or Object Store Shift 

Panzura has launched Panzura Managed Migrations, a new service that manages and accelerates cloud data migration with dedicated engineering experts, start-to-finish implementation, and technical resources to quickly move data, applications, and workloads to the cloud. Panzura handles every stage of the data migration journey, providing a set of complementary and add-on services for all new and existing customers. Panzura Managed Migrations is designed to ensure customers get the most out of their target cloud environment, while also harnessing the efficiency, productivity, and economics of the Panzura CloudFS global file system and Panzura Data Services in their organizations. 

Delivering seamless migration of data for any network attached storage (NAS) or object storage platforms, whether on premises, heterogeneous, or hybrid multi-cloud, Panzura Managed Migrations provides a single point of contact for all technical delivery. An uncompromising focus on security ensures lossless migration of data, applications, and workloads, and entire mega-projects can be completed in weeks, or even days, instead of months. With the new migration service, Panzura has brought previous advisory and ongoing services together under an expanded and more comprehensive end-to-end offering.

“Panzura Managed Migrations expands our ability to help customers become future-ready as they tune up their IT infrastructure for the cloud revolution, and accelerate success with Panzura products and services,” said James Seay, chief services officer at Panzura. “Our engagement team and cloud specialists work with you from day-one to production and beyond, defining the right strategy and migration plan based on technical insight and deep business knowledge acquired over years of experience.”

Panzura Managed Migrations provides each customer with a dedicated project manager, migration architect, and migration engineer. Migration starts with a roadmap including architecture, prototyping, and operational recommendations that evaluate critical contingencies such as the data sources, the destination, and network connectivity. Panzura then handles everything from hands-on execution, performance analysis, real-time optimization, and go-live support. Specialized automation capabilities help migrate data and workloads with speed and precision. 

Panzura provides ongoing support for customers until their data and applications are fully migrated and workloads are in production. Panzura provides assistance with training staff for those who choose to run their environment moving forward, or the Panzura Global Services team will run the environment on behalf of customers, according to their preference.

“The cost and complexity of migrating data is one of the biggest pain points in cloud adoption,” said Dave Raffo, senior analyst at Evaluator Group. “Panzura’s standing with the world’s top cloud hyperscalers allows organizations to capitalize on highly specialized migration expertise. Increased demand for the scalability and agility of object-based storage means Panzura is well-positioned in a rapidly growing market, particularly as the enterprise looks to retool, re-architect and redeploy data in hybrid environments.”

Adopting a multi-cloud approach often requires working with multiple service providers, and complicated coordination of the benefits each cloud provider brings, and what fits best with each technical and business remit. Panzura Managed Migrations provides seamless support for any hybrid multi-cloud migration through long-standing Panzura partnerships with the world’s most pervasive cloud object store providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud Object Store (iCOS), Wasabi, and Cloudian.

The service supports exponential data growth with high-speed file transfer capabilities, regional and cross-region offerings, with built-in data security and contingent compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory mandates.

The new service readies data for search and extraction of actionable insights using analytics and machine-learning tools including those provided by Panzura Data Services, the company's software-as-a-service (SaaS) data management platform, which offers monitoring and reporting, query-in-place, data search and audit features for users of Panzura CloudFS global file system, as well as other network file shares (NFS) or server message block (SMB) file shares. Panzura CloudFS creates a single, global file namespace across hybrid-cloud environments, allowing users to instantly access, manage, store, and collaborate on files in their network of public and private cloudsor on-premises data centersas if the data was held locally.

Panzura Managed Migrations frees up IT budgets for other operational and digital transformation initiatives. We’re all about removing barriers for cloud data migration projects and clearing the road so our customers can tap the full power of the Panzura global file system, as well as Panzura Data Services,” added Seay.

Migration and engagement experts also provide recommendations to reduce a customer’s overall data footprint and incumbent cloud storage costs. The Panzura global file system consolidates unstructured data from all locations, after deduplicating and compressing, typically resulting in cost savings of up to 70%.