This report from DCIG evaluates 16 enterprise multi-site file collaboration solutions in 2021, and details Panzura’s position in the top 5. The top 5 reflect the solutions recommended for enterprise consideration, when replacing local legacy NAS with a modern option that allows users in multiple sites to work together.

The report covers the solutions evaluated, who made the top 5, and gives an independent view of the notable features that earned Panzura (and others) a top 5 placing.

What's Included

  • Why multi-site collaboration matters, and the smart tech that enables it
  • An overview of file collaborations challenges facing multi-site enterprises
  • The 16 solutions evaluated
  • Who made the top 5
  • Critical features shared by the top 5
  • Key similarities and differences of the top 5 (and glimpses into why they matter)
  • Brief profile of each of the top 5
  • Notable features that earned a top 5 award
  • How DCIG analysts reached their conclusions

Categories Assessed

  • Deployment capabilities
  • Data protection
  • Product and performance management
  • Documentation
  • Technical support
  • Licensing and pricing

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