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Create a Global File System in the Cloud with Panzura and Wasabi

Wasabi has partnered with Panzura to help businesses reduce storage cost and complexity, and accelerate the pace of business.

Create a Global File System in the Cloud with Panzura and Wasabi

Combine Local Performance with Cloud Economics, Scalability and Agility

Unstructured data growth is spiraling out of control, creating operational and financial challenges for many IT organizations. Conventional networkattached storage (NAS) solutions and first-generation cloud storage services were never intended for these data volumes. They’re also unable to make files consistent across locations within a timeframe that allows teams to work productively together, and the multi-site collaborative file sharing that the digital era relies on often relies on third party file sharing services.

Wasabi has partnered with Panzura to help businesses reduce storage cost and complexity, and accelerate the pace of business. Wasabi hot cloud storage is incredibly affordable and fast cloud object storage for any purpose. Panzura CloudFS is a scale-out, global file system purpose-built for the cloud. The integrated solution offers the performance of local storage with the economics, agility and scalability of cloud storage for ultimate performance and cost savings.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi hot cloud storage is the industry’s most affordable and highest performing cloud storage service. Wasabi is 80% cheaper and faster than alternative cloud storage services like Amazon S3.

Specifically conceived to make cloud storage a commonplace utility like electricity, Wasabi hot cloud storage is easy to understand, easy to order and incredibly cost-effective to scale. With Wasabi there are no confusing cloud storage tiers to decipher and no complicated fee structures to decode. One product, with predictable and straightforward pricing, satisfies virtually every storage application.

A parallelized system architecture delivers breakthrough performance, so you can rapidly move large datasets in and out of the cloud. Engineered for extreme data integrity and security, Wasabi provides eleven 9s of object durability and supports configurable data immutability to protect against accidental deletions, ransomware and viruses.

Panzura CloudFS Replaces Legacy Storage with Modern Data Management

Winner of the 2020-21 Cloud Awards Best Hybrid Cloud Solution, Panzura’s global cloud file system transforms complex, multi-component, and often multi-vendor data storage environments into a simplified, modern data management solution, while addressing cost reduction, risk mitigation, and operational complexity.

CloudFS allows organizations to use Wasabi hot cloud storage as a globally available, scalable and highly performant data center.

Panzura provides a single authoritative data set held in Wasabi hot cloud storage. The only global cloud file system with real-time data consistency across all sites, Panzura ensures any user opening a file for editing will always see the most recent saved changes, regardless of where those changes were made, and how many locations or users are within the file system, without delay. Global file locking to prevent overwriting or versioning and latency-busting local-feeling file performance across all locations, allows entire organizations to operate as if everyone is working in the same office.

Data from all legacy storage instances is consolidated, de-duplicated and compressed, significantly reducing the overall

unstructured data footprint.

Unparalleled Data Protection and Business Continuity

A universal namespace maintains data consistency and integrity across all sites, giving IT teams one data set to manage and monitor, and real time global file consistency allows distributed team members to work collaboratively on projects, improving user productivity and collaboration.

Storage utilization is optimized and WAN consumption minimized through granular global deduplication and compression, while immutable data, protected by configurable, read-only snapshots enables superior data protection.

Panzura also offers a cloud mirroring feature wherein data can be written to two clouds in parallel. In the event of a service interruption to the primary cloud, your data can still be accessed through the secondary which is regularly synchronized to maintain parity between the two clouds. The automatic fail-over of Panzura’s cloud mirroring ensures business continuity during a lapse of service and avoids any associated downtime from an outage of a single cloud provider automatically without the need for human intervention. Wasabi can be used in this way as a destination for secondary storage in the cloud. Data can be stored inexpensively and accessed quickly without additional fees for data egress, making Wasabi ideal for second copy storage and disaster recovery.

Data is further protected using military-grade encryption and strong security features mitigate risk and improve regulatory compliance.

With data durability without replication*, granular ability to restore data to a point in time and resilience against ransomware, the joint Panzura and Wasabi solution not only replaces network-attached storage, but associated backup and offsite DR processes and storage. It also provides single pane of glass search and monitoring of the entire file network.

* When used with object storage that replicates data three ways

Versatile Solution Supports Many Use Cases

The integrated Wasabi-Panzura solution delivers unmatched economics, scalability and simplicity, and supports a wide variety of use cases:

  • Use Wasabi hot cloud storage for affordable primary storage for on-premises applications
  • Use Wasabi as a secondary live storage solution, using Panzura cloud mirroring to double cloud storage availability by writing data to two object stores in real time
  • Use Wasabi hot cloud storage for cost-effective secondary storage for backup, for disaster recovery in the cloud or for data migration initiatives
  • Use Wasabi hot cloud storage for affordable and reliable archival storage for compliance and long-term data retention
  • Protect against ransomware with immutable data and granular file restoration
  • Deduplicate and consolidate data from multiple locations for significant storage reduction
  • Create a single authoritative data set across your entire organization with all the functionality and speed of a single-site NAS, globally
  • Search, audit and monitor your entire file system from one elegant dashboard

About Panzura:
Panzura replaces legacy storage with modern data management, allowing enterprises to use the cloud as a high performance, globally available data center. Companies all around the world in the sports, healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, gaming, and architectural, engineering and construction industries, as well as government agencies use Panzura to manage hundreds of petabytes of data in the cloud. Visit for more information.

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