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Paradigm Shift Incoming – Flip ROI to ROE

Technology decisions are usually made using cold, hard facts, not feelings or opinions. Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) reign supreme in most boardrooms. But what if Total Cost of Ownership is NOT the best measure of value? What if you measured ROI by user experience instead of cost savings? It would change how you evaluate investments like software. It would also change how you value your talent and each individual’s contribution. 

This wider (and remarkably better) view of investments is known as the User Experience Value Equation. This concept is what Panzura is all about — creating an environment where high performers can excel and attract more high performers. Or, for our users, we provide an experience that elevates their understanding of cloud technology, and they, in turn, bring us more new believers. 

Let’s break down how this philosophy works for us and what it means for your experience with our award-winning, patented, unduplicatable solutions.

Create an environment where high performers can excel.

Technology is everything. In the post-COVID environment, what you do in IT influences your entire organization. Our solutions are more important than ever in the work-from-anywhere workforce. Recognizing this shift quickly inspired us to go all-in on making sure that Panzura provides the best possible experience for our employees and users. 

We’ve long recognized that cloud solutions are the answer to collaboration across geographies. We solved the problems of file lock and cloud sync by reimagining the entire concept of data storage. Files get backed up. Nothing gets overwritten. It’s set-it-and-forget-it, regardless of how many terabytes of data you’re working with.

Trust is currency.  This is the biggest factor underlying our premise that a high-value experience creates more high-value experiences. Trust within our team, the confidence that we’ve got each others’ backs. Trust from our customers that we’ve got their back. It’s the unifying thread that ties our organization together.

Solve problems like they’re your own.  Another key factor in creating a culture of high performers is freeing them up to deliver on user experience instead of asking permission. For us, that means empowering our team to tackle critical issues like ransomware head-on. For our users, it means unshackling IT resources from the time-intensive storage tasks of an on-premises NAS and reallocating that talent to innovation.

Shift the balance of power in the fight against ransomware.

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Attract more high performers.

Panzura looks like a local drive. It doesn’t matter where you are. That one single fact changes the equation for our users. Consider a company with dozens of offices that suddenly had hundreds or thousands of offices during the pandemic, with every employee working from home. That’s the power of user experience — turning a potential productivity disaster into the freedom to be effective from anywhere at any time. People want that kind of experience.

Quit losing sleep.  That’s something every Panzura customer gets. That’s something every Panzura employee gets. When we eliminate the stress of being unable to perform your job because you don’t have the right tools, we create an environment that allows you to excel. 

Value is not cost.  If you look for the cheapest solution on the market, you’re going to navigate a lot of regret. If you look for the highest available value, the solution will pay for itself. This equation holds true for us in attracting talent. It holds true for our customers in leveraging our solution to unify their file network around the globe. 

Technology decisions affect businesses at the user level, not just in Total Cost of Ownership. Understanding value through the lens of experience will change how you provision solutions and source talent. It will also enrich your culture and empower your team. Flip the paradigm from Return on Investment to Return on Experience and reap the benefits. It works for us.