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Everything you do depends on data. Your success depends on being able to manage, find, audit, analyze and work with that data quickly, efficiently and easily.

Every minute you and your team spend hunting for files, wondering where the document you had yesterday has moved to, trying to secure sensitive data (and to prove it’s secure and compliant when regulators come knocking), and keeping an eye on your file network is not time well spent.

That comes at a very real cost.  Just a few minutes a day, multiplied by your workforce, amounts to thousands of hours wasted every year.

It's not just about dead time. The question is, what else could your team be doing to move your business ahead, in that same time?

It doesn’t just mean that work gets interrupted, and projects take longer to complete.  It means lost opportunities for innovation – the kind of innovation that can put your company on a completely different trajectory.

As your data volumes grow, regulatory requirements and cyber threats increase, your need for data management tools becomes ever more pressing.

They’re out there. Tools for finding data. Auditing file logs. Recovering data. Spotting behavioral anomalies.

You need them all but the trouble is, none is a complete solution, and each one adds more management complexity.

The need for a complete data management solution

Panzura Data Services delivers lightning fast file search, audit, recovery and analysis across files in Panzura’s global file system CloudFS, as well as findability over other file storage devices such as NetApp and Isilon.

The just-released second generation of Data Services incorporates vastly more visibility, a number of important time-saving features, and a streamlined user interface.

It also sets the stage for wide-reaching data management that serves every area of the business, not just IT and storage teams.

Increased observability for every CloudFS customer

The next generation of Data Services brings a new level of observability to all Panzura customers, with the introduction of a new basic account tier.

Available without any additional subscription, this new tier is included with CloudFS and provides monitoring and visibility of four critical file network and storage elements:

  • Data Services Pulse, which monitors and reports on core storage data, file network activity, network health, and cloud connectivity metrics
  • Configurable alerts triggered when storage, system and cloud thresholds are exceeded and may require attention
  • CloudFS node inventory
  • CloudFS dataset inventory

Taking your file system's pulse

Data Services Pulse monitors the metrics that really matter – the operational metrics that let you know whether your data infrastructure is operating smoothly, or might need an intervention.

Monitor your file network health - Panzura

From CPU to memory utilization, disk usage to unnecessary bandwidth or cloud egress, Pulse sees everything, and easy-to-use graphs give you an overview of what normal looks like.

Then, you can choose to create alerts on the metrics that you want to monitor most closely.

For example, CloudFS delivers local-feeling performance by caching the most used files locally. If your file system suddenly starts downloading a number of files that aren't in your cache, Pulse will record cache misses.

Beyond a threshold you can set, that's something you'll want to know about straightaway. At best, your cloud egress fees are climbing and at worst, you could be experiencing a ransomware attack.

Whatever the scenario, you get to choose what you want to see, and how you want to be notified when abnormal comes calling.

Checking your inventory

Two inventories are brand new to Data Services, and give Panzura customers complete visibility over their CloudFS configuration.

CloudFS nodes let you see every local instance within your CloudFS deployment, along with its current connectivity, while datasets let you see where your authoritative data is stored, and which of your file systems it belongs to.

Solving findability problems

Content overload isn’t only straining storage resources. It’s making it incredibly difficult to find the files you’re looking for.

A 2021 Asana survey of US professionals found:

  • 54% report wasting time looking for files.
  • 58% say findability is a top-3 problem to solve.
  • 81% can’t find an important doc on the spot.
  • Worst yet, people recreate files they can't find.

We don't think that's good enough.

Solving file findability problems – Panzura

Data Services search is designed to let you find files in moments, even when you have hundreds of millions of files to sort through.

With search so fast it can return millions of file results in under a second, all you need to do is enter known search parameters, and hit ENTER.

Data Services will search every file store you have connected – your CloudFS and any NetApps, Isilons, and other Windows file shares you hook up – and tell you exactly where the files you're looking for can be found.

Complete audit trail in seconds

If your IT team has ever tried to track a file event after the fact, without an auditing system in place, you'll know it's just about impossible to find meaningful information by sorting through thousands (if not millions) of lines of syslog files.

Set up Data Services to capture audit events from CloudFS, and your team will be able to see every single file action.

What's been done. When it was done. Who did it.

From accidental file deletions to somebody accessing files they had no business looking at, tracking data spillage from regulated compliance zones to finding files affected by ransomware, audit has been known to pay for itself within hours.

Search and audit file history - Panzura

Shift the balance of power in the fight against ransomware.

Panzura-datasheet-Detect-and-rescue-header-min (1)

Rapid file recovery

That sinking feeling you get when you log in, and files you were just working on have disappeared, is a thing of the past.

There's no need for IT teams to try restoring from backups, because not only can Data Services find files that have been deleted by searching through CloudFS snapshots, you can restore them to their original location with just a couple of clicks.

We move data so fast that even the largest file will be restored in just a couple of seconds, and you can get on with the rest of your day.

One dashboard to see everything and find anything - Panzura

Data Services also lets you keep a close eye on what's taking up space, how data is moving into and out of your environment, which users and file directories are most active, and a whole lot more.

Want to see what happens when you free your IT team up from endless file operations, and let them focus on innovation?

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