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As we start a new week, excitement is bubbling over in Panzura.  And, it seems, at one of our competitors.

You might have heard that we were acquired. We thought it might make sense to share a bit of the behind-the-scenes with you.

Our new owners are Profile Capital Management, a private wealth fund built specifically to invest in exceptional technology. 

That means no constraints on funding and no constraints on the length of time ownership can be held. We don’t answer to a Board. We don’t have to put together silly reports.

We have one mission -- listen to what our customers need and go build kick-ass technology.

BTW, when transactions like this happen, there are 2 ways competitors can react. One is to call and say congratulations. The other is to write an article that gets every. single. thing. wrong.  On purpose, it seems!

Not only is Panzura alive and well, we’ve just had the biggest quarter on record, closed the biggest deal on record, and had a record number of companies move from Nasuni to the stability, scalability and speed of Panzura.

Let me repeat that in slow motion.

  1. 50% higher sales. 
  2. Biggest deals ever. 
  3. Unhappy Nasuni customers now are enjoying a new level of awesome

None of this is a surprise to industry insiders. 

That’s because we’re faster, have better technology, and a solution that’s rock solid.

Anyone can say they are better, right?

How do you quantify a statement like “we are so much better than Nasuni”? What makes sense?

Let me share one fact that ends the competition once and for all.

In a POC, head to head, 90% of decision-makers choose Panzura. That’s right, in a real-world test of speed, scale, agility, and performance, Panzura wins nearly every single time. 

We’re still actually a little upset that we couldn’t help that last 10%.

We’re the company you call when finishing fast is a good thing, no matter how big you get 😉.

So, despite all the BS you might hear from Nasuni telling you about their pivots, know that we’ve already built something faster, stronger, more secure. And, it's only going to keep getting even faster, even stronger and even more secure.

Can we be a bit chippy for a moment? 

Nasuni proudly talks about a pivot they made about 4 years ago away from being a cloud storage gateway. Panzura never needed to pivot. That’s because we’ve never been anything other than a global cloud file system. The fastest, most secure one on the planet. 

At the end of the day, accuracy matters. 

And if you can’t trust a company like Nasuni to get the most basic of information right, how can you trust them with your data?

Come on, Andres and Paul. We think you’re classy as hell, but jealous isn’t a good look.

One more thing. Performance in the real world matters. Want to see who's better, faster and scales more? 👉 Get a demo  👉 Contact us

Set up a proof of concept and you can take our technology - and our awesome support team - for a test drive

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