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451 Research
Report Praises
Panzura’s Solution
for Data Protection

Ransomware has been putting the world’s data at risk. Panzura stepped in to provide a solution.

The threat of ransomware is growing, but Panzura has risen to the challenge by providing companies with an innovative data management and protection solution.

Taking hybrid cloud solutions a step further

As more companies are turning to hybrid-cloud solutions instead of on-premises data management, Panzura saw this opportunity and sought to provide companies with an efficient and secure data management solution. Their innovative CloudFS global file system platform was designed to meet the rising demand for data analytics, governance, and monitoring. Running on VMs and an object store backend, the solution controls data storage, caching, and read and write access. It also enables real-time collaboration, regardless of user location. Using immutable storage captured by snapshots, CloudFS protects data against ransomware and other cyber attacks while enabling rapid file restoration.


Panzura has succeeded in leveraging its expertise in cloud file services, data protection, and data management just when people needed it most — during the pandemic. The continuing popularity of multicloud and hybrid deployments highlights the need for secure, consistent file sharing and data management and is a key growth opportunity for Panzura in the future.”


Data searching and auditing made easier than ever

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Simplifying the user experience, Panzura Data Services run through a unified SaaS dashboard. Global search allows users to locate data across millions of files. Auditing services can track users and data to determine how files are accessed, modified, and shared. In the event of an attack, these services can also create alerts to warn about suspicious activities.

According to a recent 451 Research report, a thorough SWOT analysis revealed that Panzura is in a prime position within its industry. Panzura has been a strong player in hybrid cloud storage environments for over a decade. Since the company’s refounding in May 2020, it has expanded to include data protection in its offerings. As CEO Jill Stelfox and her team work to stay ahead of the competition, they will continue meeting the demands of hybrid cloud management and building on the current international expansion strategy.

SWOT Analysis


Panzura has had over a decade of experience helping customers create hybrid cloud storage environments, and has added data-protection and management capabilities to enhance its value proposition.


The growing popularity of hybrid and multicloud deployments highlights the need for the secure and consistent file-sharing and data management capabilities that Panzura provides.


The vendor is still small compared with larger and established storage and cloud suppliers, and is working on its international expansion strategy.


Many players are targeting the same hybrid cloud storage data management opportunities.

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