What is a Distributed Cloud File System?

A distributed cloud file system works the way you do. It’s a system for storing your application data that spans the globe, giving your users in Singapore the same fast, consistent access to files as your users in New York or London. Panzura’s patented Distributed Cloud File System (DCFS) lets users in different offices work together like they’re in the same room — even on the largest, most complex files.

Why do you need a distributed cloud file system? The way we all work has evolved, but file storage hasn’t changed substantially in over a decade. It’s time for file storage to catch up.

How does Panzura’s Distributed Cloud File System work?

A distributed cloud file system looks and acts just like an enterprise NAS, and looks like a standard Windows file share to your applications and users — but unlike traditional NAS or SAN infrastructure, it is designed to span offices around the globe. It’s a “NAS in the sky”. Here’s how it works:

Panzura Distributed Cloud File System


Another key part of our technology that helps maintain data consistency and integrity is a global namespace that spans all sites.

Locking and metadata are at the core of Panzura’s Distributed Cloud File System and allow the unified namespace to present a single volume to all sites.

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