Panzura makes cloud storage appear like it’s a part of your corporate datacenter. Panzura’s revolutionary technology seamlessly combines the economics, capacity, and business model of cloud storage with the flexibility, performance and features of enterprise storage. The combination of cloud storage as the cold core and Panzura as the hot edge changes the storage paradigm to a modern, hybrid cloud storage architecture that simplifies management and significantly reduces costs.

Whether using Freedom Archive, Freedom NAS, or Freedom Collaboration, the master set of data is kept in the cloud, while active data is cached locally. Panzura technology like Intelligent Caching makes cloud storage “local”, Security and Encryption gives you peace of mind, and a Distributed Cloud File System with Distributed File Locking, and Global Metadata provide unmatched cross-site collaboration capabilities even across continents.  Combine the availability and redundancy of cloud storage with Integrated Snapshots and you remove the need for separate backup and DR.  Add-on solutions like replication, WAN optimization and MPLS networks that you’ve used to accelerate access can be eliminated or redeployed, thanks to our global deduplication and compression.

With your choice of cloud provider, you’ll never run out of storage again.