Panzura makes cloud storage appear like it’s a part of your corporate datacenter. Panzura’s revolutionary technology seamlessly combines the economics, capacity, and business model of cloud storage with the flexibility, performance and features of enterprise storage. The combination of cloud storage as the cold core and Panzura as the hot edge changes the storage paradigm to a modern, cloud integrated architecture that simplifies storage management and significantly reduces costs.

Panzura provides two solutions that work hand in hand to make the cloud feel like it is “local” and not a separate infrastructure hundreds to thousands of miles away: the Panzura Global File System and Panzura SkyBridge.

Panzura Global File System

Panzura’s Global File System lets users access and collaborate within the same applications from any office, anywhere in the world, like they are in the same room. The heart of our technology is global file locking. Global File Locking reduces file open and sync times from 20 or 30 minutes to seconds by eliminating the effect of latency.

TThe master set of data is kept in the cloud, while active data is cached locally. Advanced sub-file locking makes sure users don’t overwrite each other’s work, even if users in Singapore and Chicago are collaborating on the same project. The cloud provides redundancy and eliminates the need for complex tasks like storage management, backup and archiving. Panzura provides point-in-time data protection with snapshots of your entire system as often as you need them.

With your choice of cloud provider, you’ll also never run out of storage again. Add-on solutions like WAN optimization and MPLS networks that you’ve used to accelerate access can be eliminated or redeployed, thanks to our global deduplication and compression.

Panzura SkyBridge

A hybrid cloud is defined as “a composition of two or more clouds (private, community, or public) that remain distinct entities but are bound together, offering the benefits of multiple deployment models.” Panzura SkyBridge lets you create a hybrid cloud where the cloud is an extension of the corporate datacenter. It gives you a cloud integrated datacenter.

SkyBridge does this by creating a layer 2 network connection between the cloud and corporate datacenter. This enables the use of corporate authentication services without the need for cloud federation. SkyBridge automates, orchestrates, and launches all required cloud compute instances and enables the use of corporate DHCP so that the cloud infrastructure is a part of corporate IP namespace. Finally, SkyBridge creates a file system instance in the cloud that is part of the same consistent, locking Panzura Global File System that is in corporate datacenter locations, and provides FIPS 140-2 end-to-end security of the data.

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