Finance and Banking

Financial services and banking companies play a critical role in the economy. They need secure, resilient solutions for storing and accessing critical data. Panzura encryption has achieved the highest level of data security certification by meeting the FIPS 140-2 standard that is accepted by military, law enforcement and government intelligence agencies.


Secure Storage and Backup

Banks and financial institutions require the most secure repositories for storing their data. That data storage must be protected at all stages, ensuring regulatory compliance. By using Panzura, companies get the only FIPS 140-2 certified solution to protect data locally and in-transit to and from the cloud. Panzura’s cloud storage partners have received the same certification. This means data is protected to the highest level regardless of it is traveling to the cloud, in the cloud or cached locally.

Distributed File Locking

With Panzura users can collaborate together like they are all in the same office. Users can lock only the file elements they need to access. The local Panzura Freedom Filer™ appliance owns the lock for the chosen sub-file, reducing sync times and increasing productivity. This means that only one location can write to a sub-file at a time, but every team can be working on the project at once. Read more on Panzura’s Distributed File Locking.

Data Control and Oversight

The file system automatically coordinates where files get stored, what gets sent to the cloud, who has edit and access rights, what files get locally cached for improved performance, and how data, metadata, and snapshots are managed. The Panzura DCFS ensures users always have the most current version of any file no matter where they are on the network. Users can also quickly view and restore prior versions of files as needed.

Secure Erase

To be sure of the fact that important data is properly erased Panzura provides the strongest level of data destruction, equivalent to destroying the actual disks themselves. Secure Erase follows the guidelines for media sanitization as set out in the Special Publication 800-88 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Panzura Secure Erase is able to delete all traces of legal records stored in the cloud.


The healthcare industry deals with sharing large amounts of sensitive patient data across hospitals and between office locations on a constant basis. It is critical that doctors have access to the most up-to-date patient information at all times to enable them to deliver the best treatment and care. It is vital that these collaborations be fast, painless, and secure.


Panzura provides a solution with the highest security certifications while also enabling real-time access to any file, even ones previously archived. Panzura’s patented distributed file locking provides file integrity and eliminates file versioning. By moving to the cloud, data is quickly and securely accessible by any location. Benefits of the Panzura solution include:

Real-Time Access and Collaboration

To effectively diagnose and treat patients, healthcare providers need patient files to be available quickly. Panzura allows users at any site fast, easy access to large files and data sets while cutting file transfer times from hours to minutes without the need for expensive MPLS connections. This means the files will always be available in real-time.

Secured to Government Standards

Healthcare providers need a reliable way to store and share confidential documents. Panzura Freedom NAS is the only Hybrid Cloud NAS to be FIPS 140-2 certified, the highest level of certification. Our cloud partners have also achieved this certification to provide an end-to-end FIPS 140-2 solution. Institutions’ data will be securely cached locally, in-transit to the cloud, and in the cloud.