Any company with multiple locations is faced with the challenge of hosting and managing storage at each site. Often, different NAS solutions are used throughout an organization, with each location hosting its own storage. Since each location has it’s own storage, local files can be accessed quickly and easily. However, if a user needs to access files that are hosted at a different location, then finding, accessing, and securely editing those files becomes a challenge.

What is a Global Namespace?

A global namespace is a universal file directory that makes files on multiple physical servers or storage arrays appear to be part of the same structure. The namespace could (and usually does) exist just within a single datacenter, or may span multiple locations (less common because it turn out this is much harder to do).

Put another way, it makes it look like all files are on the same Filer even though the data is actually spread across tens or hundreds of different nodes. Files across different sites and even the cloud might need to be part of a global namespace.

Panzura Global Namespace technology uniquely eliminates islands of storage while reducing cost and complexity by providing a single, unified view of files regardless of how they may be distributed across the organization.

A Global Namespace virtually consolidates all of the files within an organization. This allows users to easily see and access files, regardless of where they are physically hosted. By using a single Global Namespace that leverages your private or public cloud provider of your choice, you can reduce costs while simplifying storage management.

By optionally leveraging Panzura’s data locality policies, any data in the Global Namespace can be cached at remote sites, delivering exceptional LAN-like performance over the WAN.