Panzura Freedom Family Solution Brief

Freedom Family Solution Brief

The Panzura Freedom Family enables organizations to implement cloud-first initiatives and solve the challenges of unstructured data growth by transforming the complex and expensive traditional storage model to the cloud. The Freedom Family delivers unprecedented performance and scale across all unstructured data workloads. Capable of being deployed across different platforms and on any cloud, the Freedom Family revolutionizes how data is stored, managed, and protected to save organizations up to 70% over traditional storage while increasing productivity and durability.

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Video Surveillance Solution Brief

Video Surveillance Solution Brief

The technology around capturing video has been is well established. However, the methods of storing and retrieving that video are going through a tectonic shift, with a hybrid cloud solution emerging as the method of choice due to its affordable, scalable storage for large video files as well as quick access for on-demand review.

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Medical Imaging Solution Brief

Medical Imaging Solution Brief

Medical imaging files can be huge and quickly overwhelm many types of file storage. On-premise filers and NAS devices can act as a high-performance image repository, but they are also expensive, require significant management and are limited in their ability to scale. Cloud storage can offer the needed … Read More

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SB=Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Solution Brief

With Panzura for Microsoft Azure, you can easily make the cloud an extension of your datacenter for both file storage and compute resources. Azure becomes becomes your primary file storage, eliminating redundant storage, backup, and archive infrastructure at each office.

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Datasheet Secure Erase

Secure Erase – Eliminating Data from the Cloud Solution Brief

IT environments subject to strict data security classification and management often require the ability to securely remove all traces of highly sensitive files. Secure Erase makes it possible to delete a file or folder in such a way that the contents cannot be restored, even using the most … Read More

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Citrix ShareFile Solution Brief

This brief describes deploying a Panzura Global File System (GFS) integrated with Citrix ShareFile. By integrating the GFS with ShareFile, your mobile users can access the same set of consistent files that are on Panzura, letting them take critical files on the road with them and collaborate with colleagues in the office.

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Manufacturing Solution Brief

Manufacturing Solution Brief

As a Manufacturing firm, you rely on fast, efficient collaboration across sites to remain competitive in the global economy. Your designers and engineers need to access shared project files quickly from anywhere in the world, so CAD and CAM applications need to work as well across offices as they do within a single office.

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Panzura + Newforma Solution Brief

Panzura + Newforma Solution Brief

The bottom line for every architect, engineering, and construction (AEC) project is to get a group of participants to work together, synchronized for one common goal, regardless of their location. Knowing project details, and sharing them in a timely, coordinated manner, are keys to success.

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