Panzura Freedom Family™

Data center performance. Cloud economics, scalability, and durability.

The Panzura Freedom Family is a breakthrough in managing explosive growth of unstructured data. It delivers unprecedented performance and scale, expanded data center workloads, deployment on any platform and cloud, automated, centralized management, and unmatched cloud data protection.

  • 10x performance and scale
  • Save up to 70% while gaining speed and agility
  • Go from inception to production in only minutes

Meet the Family







The Panzura Freedom Family enables companies to implement cloud-first initiatives and solve the challenges of unstructured data growth by transforming the complex and expensive traditional storage model to the cloud — without compromise. Key capabilities include: Primary NAS storage; automated backup; cloud data protection; global deduplication and compression, and data archival.

Panzura Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform

The Panzura Freedom hybrid cloud storage platform enables data center performance with the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud. The Panzura Cloud File System (PCFS) underpins Panzura Freedom. PCFS is a scale-out, distributed file system purpose-built for the cloud and incorporates intelligence file services backed by 26 patents.

Panzura Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform

Key Capabilities

  • Primary NAS storage
  • Automated backup
  • Cloud data protection
  • Global deduplication and compression
  • Data archival
Panzura Freedom 7 Performance and Scale

Unprecedented Performance and Scale

Unprecedented performance and scale to meet application and user demands in both physical and virtual environments.

Expanded Data Center Workloads

High performance NFS expands coverage for engineering, simulation, and software development applications.

Panzura Freedom 7 Expanded Data Center Workloads
Panzura Freedom 7 Any Cloud Any Platform

Any Platform, Any Cloud

Software defined storage enables customers to deploy on any platform — physical, virtual, or cloud — and use any cloud.

Automated, Centralized Management

The intuitive GUI and API enable administrators to automate tasks and always be in control.

Panzura Freedom 7 Automated Centralized Management
Panzura Freedom 7 Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Data Protection

Designed for the cloud to protect, encrypt, and recover your data globally.

Freedom to Choose the Right Solution for Your Enterprise

Freedom Archive Freedom NAS Freedom Collaboration
Eliminate backup and DR processes by consolidating data to the cloud Consolidate data centers and eliminate islands of storage Enable globally distributed users to work as if they were in the same room
Automated backup with  granular recovery and near zero RPO Automated backup with  granular recovery and near zero RPO Automated backup with  granular recovery and near zero RPO
Intelligent caching Intelligent caching Intelligent caching
Deduplication and compression Global deduplication and compression Global deduplication and compression
Snapshots Snapshots Global Snapshots
FIPS 140-2 compliant with AES-256 bit encryption FIPS 140-2 compliant with AES-256 bit encryption FIPS 140-2 compliant with AES-256 bit encryption
Database and VMDK archiving All tiers of storage in one All tiers of storage in one
Offsite data protection Global namespace Global namespace
Extended access control lists Extended access control lists
Global metadata
File integrity everywhere
Distributed file and element locking
Fast sync for large files