Panzura’s Global Cloud Storage System enables enterprise-class cloud storage with NAS-like functionality for a globally-distributed workforce. This storage system is comprised of three seamlessly integrated parts: The Panzura Controller, the Panzura Software, and the Global File System. Together they enable true global file and workflow sharing, active archiving of infrequently used files, backup of structured data sets like databases and Exchange files, and seamless disaster recovery.

Eliminate Islands of Storage

Traditional storage strategies deploying storage at the edge provide performance at edge locations at the cost of disconnected, unbalanced global storage capacity, leading to overprovisioning, file sharing based on email or exchange of hard media, and massive challenges in storage management. With Panzura Global File System, enterprises get centralized storage management that eliminates islands of storage while providing LAN-speed access to all files at all locations, enabling dynamic, global file and workflow sharing. Storage management becomes greatly simplified while rapid file access is preserved across locations in the file system. With controllers supporting large local caching and multi-Gbps throughput, Panzura interweaves the cloud with NAS functionality at LAN speed, bringing a true enterprise-class storage system with full cloud integration.

Fully-integrated Solution

The three elements of the Global Cloud Storage System (the Panzura Controller, Panzura Operating System, and Global File System) are seamlessly integrated at the most fundamental level, acting in harmony and purposefully designed to make cloud storage seamless for enterprise customers looking to leverage cloud benefits without sacrificing NAS functionality. These three elements manage all file storage functions transparently while providing extensive IT administrative control where desired. Each brings specific benefits to the total system, but all are integrated together seamlessly. Panzura is unique in providing familiar NAS-like experiences for users and administrators with all the benefits of a distributed, cloud-integrated file system.

Panzura: Cloud Made Seamless