Panzura turns the cloud into your primary file storage, while delivering the performance you expect from a local NAS. Our Cloud Controllers seamlessly connect your datacenter to your choice of public or private clouds, replacing on-premise primary, backup, DR and archiving systems and processes. You get a true hybrid cloud that combines the performance and features of enterprise storage with the economics, capacity, and pay as you grow business model of cloud storage. Panzura eliminates islands of storage by consolidating all tiers of local unstructured data into the cloud – all without any changes to user workflows. Users access files the same way they always have.

Panzura’s cloud-integrated storage consists of Panzura Cloud Controllers, the CloudFS software, and Cloud Storage. Customers use Panzura to solve many use cases, including Cloud NAS, Cross-Site Collaboration, Large File Distribution, and Active Archive. Panzura Controllers can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud as an in-cloud NAS mount point — so that the cloud becomes an extension of your datacenter.

Without Panzura: Islands of storage



With Panzura: Flash and Cloud Integrated as One

Organizations like Electronic Arts, Milwaukee Tool, and the Department of Justice use Panzura to eliminate islands of storage, reduce their total storage footprint by up to 90 percent, distribute 50GB+ files to global sites, archive cold data to the cloud, and accelerate cross-site collaboration for even the most complex applications such as CAD, design, PLM, and software build applications.