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It’s hard to even know all of the things Google has its hands on today. The name is ubiquitous with online searches (Just Google it). It’s like calling an adhesive bandage a BandAid™ or a facial tissue a Kleenex™ — everyone instantly knows what you mean. 

But you also know that Google is behind the invention of web-based mail service (Gmail, anyone?) or maybe the entire SEM industry via Google AdWords. You know they’re SaaS pioneers for office productivity software, personal data storage, and web analytics. You know they’re testing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) and writing the future of how we live in a digital world, from devices to interfaces to machine languages. 

But, maybe you’re not aware of their history as an innovator and leader in enterprise cloud computing …

[Google Cloud Marketplace has entered the chat]

From the beginning, Google Cloud Marketplace has proven its role as a cloud provider through its robust one-stop shop designed to streamline your operations, improve your cloud platform performance, and give you that peace of mind that only a technological giant can provide. 

You’ll find a vast array of pre-built solutions that let you quickly deploy tools and services to your cloud technology stack. From virtual machines and databases to applications and APIs, the Google Cloud Marketplace has everything you need in one place. And, because they speak cloud natively, Google offers you a wide range of pricing options based on how you want to deploy and scale your technology. 

What does the Google Cloud Marketplace do for me?

Access to Wide-Ranging Solutions

The Google Cloud Marketplace has more pre-configured software solutions than you could ever need. And not just esoteric, long-tail stuff — the biggest names like WordPress, SAP, and MongoDB. You can deploy precisely what you need without extensive setup and configuration because it’s all designed to work with one-click deployment. 

Cost-Savings Oriented Pricing

The latest and greatest software deployment doesn’t have to be a cost-intensive decision. With Google Cloud Marketplace’s flexible pricing options, you can pay as you go and scale as you grow. Just as easily, enterprise businesses can choose subscription-based models that build in the licensing and infrastructure savings. 

Future-Forward Curation

One of the biggest advantages of the Google Cloud Marketplace is its emphasis on the types of software shaping tomorrow. Rather than proprietary solutions found on other major cloud platforms, Google is focused on Open Source solutions that encourage innovation. They choose a Kubernetes-First approach, allowing simple containerized management. And Google’s selection of AI and machine learning (ML) solutions empower businesses to explore these vital technologies across their technology stack. 

What are the top solutions available on the Google Cloud Marketplace?

From DevOps tools to databases and security solutions, the Google Cloud Marketplace is focused on enterprise technology. They offer container orchestration platforms, infrastructure-as-a-code tools, automation tools, firewalls, data visualization suites, and deep learning frameworks.

Many of their top software solutions are powerful global names you already know, pre-configured to immediately deploy on your Google Cloud instance with a single click. The leaders in each category change constantly, but here are a few of the best solutions you’ll find in each category:


Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, Code Management, Monitoring, and Automation

  • Jenkins
  • GitLab
  • Terraform

Security & Compliance

Data Protection, Threat Detection, Network Security, and Compliance Management

  • Palo Alto Networks VM-Series
  • Cloudflare
  • Panzura CloudFS

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing, Big Data Analytics, Visualization, and Reporting

  • Looker
  • QlikView
  • Panzura CloudFS

Machine Learning

Building and Deploying ML Models, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision

  • TensorFlow
  • Kubeflow
  • DataRobot

Productivity & Collaboration

Project Management, Communication, and Team Collaboration

  • G Suite
  • Asana
  • Slack

How can Panzura help maximize my Google Cloud experience?

With Google Cloud Storage, a Panzura deployment is streamlined and simple. By integrating Panzura into your Google Cloud infrastructure, you’ll accelerate your data access via our global file system. For enterprise businesses with multiple locations, this is a particularly powerful tool to reduce the complexity of managing your cloud data. 

You’ll also optimize your storage costs by combining the cost benefits of local storage with the scalability and flexibility of cloud storage. Whether you want to leverage Panzura’s flexible pricing models or bring your own Panzura license to the Google Cloud Marketplace, you have cost-efficient options designed to work the way you choose. 

Google Cloud Storage and Panzura add up to a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud infrastructure with the best of intelligent, immutable object storage and a future-focused containerized cloud technology stack at your fingertips. When it comes to the future of computing, there’s no doubt Google is still the OG.