Panzura. Refounded.

It was late in 2019 when we found this incredible technology that could do unbelievable things with data. So we bought the company, assembled the world’s brightest storage and data scientists together, and set out on a mission to overcome the toughest data challenges you face. That’s Panzura Refounded.

The Panzura Story
Use data intelligently, and drive intelligence from data
Cloud Data Services

We're Building A Great Culture For Our People. And You.

Great products are built by great people. We’re intentional about crafting a great company by attracting amazing people, guiding them by our purposeful culture, and giving them everything they need to achieve incredible success.

Enterprise leaders choose us because we have a long history of providing all the critical insights and analytics that they need to drive their business. Today, we’re building something that is going to revolutionize how they understand their users and their data.

Cloud Data Services

We Think You Deserve More. And It's Our Mission To Get You There.

Frankly, we think storage and data needs a kick in the pants. You’ve been treated unfairly, and we’re on a mission to change that. We want you to be able to use your data in any way that works for you, wherever your people are, whatever they need to do.

We think you deserve to have data that is automatically resilient to ransomware, endlessly scalable, and smart enough to drive your productivity. That’s next-gen data management, by Panzura.

We're making the unbelievable possible - Panzura

We Work Hard To Ensure You Stay Productive.

Winner - Best Hybrid Cloud Solution 2021-21 - Panzura
2021 CRN Storage 100 List - Panzura
Tech Ascension 2021 Cloud Infrastructure Solution of the Year - Panzura
CRN 2021 Coolest Cloud Companies - Panzura
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Our Leadership Team Knows What It Takes To Achieve Incredible.

Panzura Chief Executive Officer Jill Stelfox
Jill Stelfox
Executive Chairwoman & CEO
Panzura Chief Innovation Officer Ed Peters
Ed Peters
Chief Innovation Officer
Panzura Chief Revenue Officer Dan Waldschmidt
Dan Waldschmidt
Chief Revenue Officer
Brent McClure
Chief Financial Officer
Panzura Chief Services Officer James Seay
James Seay
Chief Services Officer
Panzura Chief Legal Officer - Ben Zimmerman
Ben Zimmerman
Chief Legal Officer
Our customers deserve to feel safe and productive. And the way they mange their data should be ridiculously simple. We're on a mission to make that happen, pushing the boundaries of what the industry thinks to be possible.
—Dan Waldschmidt, Chief Revenue Officer

Thinking differently is what makes us awesome, and we’ve created a set of values that help us to push boundaries and drive peak performance.

01 Relentless about impact

02 Bring your weird

03 Throw me the ball

04 Clear the road

05 Unbelievable is possible

And We Align Ourselves With Exceptional Organizations.

We’re the official hybrid cloud partners of world class athletes everywhere.

Miami Marlins