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Along with cloud technology, the working world has changed. Employees once tethered to traditional offices can work from anywhere, anytime. Your people and their data are no longer bound to a single geographic location.

And while collaborative possibilities are endless, if your org is new to file sync and share (collaboration), you are smart to proceed with caution. As more and more employees are working remotely, they’re often using their personal devices. How do you continue to ensure data and network security, version control, and file sync and share governance?

And, in the move to remote work, if you don’t make file sync and share easy, employees are likely to make their own choices about file downloads and software and tools you haven’t sanctioned for corporate use: The dreaded shadow IT. You could lose control and visibility into the organization’s stored and shared files and file versions as well as into use patterns signaling outside threats and compromised data.

Fortunately, there are solutions available to keep this from happening.

Secure, Centralized File Sync and Share

The Edge gateway for the CloudFS global file system provides a secure, centralized approach to unstructured data file sync and share, allowing your employees to collaborate while maintaining data integrity and security. All users are able to manage and share their data securely by creating common workspaces. Within these workspaces, they can share files freely, including with third parties. Any new version of a file is automatically synced to the global file system.

Using any device and a browser, your end-users experience fast and flexible remote collaboration without security worries, and IT can also rest assured knowing they have visibility into the file storage landscape and advanced intelligence on it using Panzura Data Services (PDS).

CloudFS allows all users within your organization to make changes directly on files. Instead of replicating complete files, CloudFS saves only the changes and updates the metadata that tells the system when the updates were made and where they are stored. Frequently accessed files are cached to a local instance that reduces display times and boosts productivity. CloudFS helps users create streamlined workflows that help them collaborate and complete deliverables with greater efficiency and accuracy.


And how is this streamlined collaboration possible if employees don’t always communicate directly? File-locking. Panzura patented file locks are enforced for entire file and for byte-ranges when supported by the file’s application. With byte-range locking, users can simultaneously work on the same file without accidental overwrites. With file locking, while the file is in use, it is locked to all others. File access requestors receive a choice whether to wait for the lock to clear or download a view-only version. When the first user closes the file, their work is saved, and the access is opened. Versions are clear and well organized. Collisions are avoided.

The collaborative capabilities of the cloud have revolutionized the working world, but without the right file system, you could be leaving your data at risk. With Panzura, you and your valuable work is safe. You can experience all the benefits of remote collaboration and file sharing without data loss.