The Active Archive (AAC) series of Quicksilver Cloud Storage Controllers provide cloud-based archiving of full cloud integration, the Quicksilver Active Archive series also has built in CIFS/NFS interfaces to work with standard archiving tools, allowing users to strip off less-frequently-used data from expensive spindles and move it to lower-cost cloud storage.  Unlike traditional archiving to tape or optical disk, archiving to the cloud maintains online access to data, allowing rapid retrieval from anywhere when needed.  Unlike primary storage, however, cloud archiving dramatically lowers storage costs while providing a platform that can scale up or down as needed, eliminating the need for forward provisioning or capacity planning.

The Quicksilver Active Archive series provides all of the standard benefits of the Panzura Global Cloud Storage System, including:

  • Standard CIFS interface integrates with all major archiving platforms, such as those from Symantec, IBM, F5, and EMC.
  • A real-time, automated global file system and unified namespace for a common view of all files across all locations at all times that is consistent and accessible from anywhere.
  • Full cloud integration for authoritative copies of files providing low cost, infinite scalability, and data protection via continuous replication.
  • Extended access control lists (ACLs) for granular permissions-based file access.
  • The industry’s only true global deduplication solution that makes sure only unique data across all sites gets sent to the cloud, combining with compression to minimize capacity needs.
  • 10GbE connectivity and WAN optimization for high-speed throughput to cloud and other sites.
  • Large local cache and data pinning capabilities to bring LAN-speed access to commonly-used files (with SSD option).
  • Dynamic file locking to arbitrate write access to a single file for users in geographically dispersed locations.

Example active archive use cases:

  1. Medical specialists in different locations reviewing historical PACS images for consultation and joint treatment of patients.
  2. Geographically-dispersed scientists accessing historical meteorological or astronomical data for joint research projects.
  3. Oil and gas experts retrieving seismic data to further exploration and discovery.
  4. Lawyers accessing historical case information to prepare multi-national contracts or legal cases.
  5. Engineering and architectural firms retrieving structural calculations from past projects to respond to regulatory requests.
  6. Financial analysts gathering centralized historical market or corporate data for forecasting or research.

Quicksilver Active Archive series controllers are available in VM, 1U, or 2U configurations.  The VM is available individually or as a group of 5, while the physical devices come in either all HDD (for high local cache capacity and low cost) or all SSD (for high performance) configurations.  For general information on the Quicksilver family of Cloud Storage Controllers, see the Quicksilver Datasheet.