The power and flexibility of the Panzura Global File System make it an ideal solution for a variety of use cases.

For globally-distributed enterprises, distributed file and workflow sharing can be a huge challenge.  Teams around the world are expected to manage follow-the-sun projects that never pause, and require real-time access to common data sets in order to meet deadlines and maintain expectations of quality.  Traditional NAS storage is unable to meet these needs.  Neither can most cloud-based solutions.  Panzura can.

Finding a way to reduce the cost of storing infrequently-accessed data while still maintaining quick access when it is needed has been a frustrating challenge for IT administrators.  Active archiving of data at reduced cost while still maintaining online access is not achievable with standard storage and offsite vaulting of physical media.  These technologies cannot offer both a cost reduction path and continued online access to archived data.  Panzura can.

With inherent data protection, files in Panzura’s global file system have multiple recovery vehicles and redundancies that offset the need to follow standard backup policies typical of local NAS.    However, structured data, like that from databases or Exchange, should follow traditional backup practice.  Leveraging the cloud, with its low cost structure, scalability, and robust availability, for backup storage is an ideal solution.  Unfortunately, most backup solutions today cannot support cloud storage natively as a backup storage target.  Panzura can.