From architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) to manufacturing to healthcare, see why businesses across all industries choose Panzura for a variety of use cases. Learn how Panzura can help you:


  • Hybrid Cloud NAS. Companies like Graef and EA use Panzura to centralize all file data in all tiers across offices and provides a single, consistent locking file system that can span the globe.
  • Global Software Development. Companies like Electronic Arts and Chevron use Panzura to provide a single, globally consistent file system. EA was able to reduce large file sync times from hours to seconds, speeding up game development.
  • Cross-Site Collaboration. Organizations like Electronic Arts, National Instruments, and Milwaukee Tool use Panzura to distribute multi-gigabyte files across dozens of global offices in minutes and reduce total file storage requirements by up to 90 percent by consolidating data to the cloud.
  • Active Archive. Integrated with the cloud storage provider of your choice, the active archive solution creates an authoritative copy of all your archive files — from every office — in the cloud. Take advantage of unlimited cloud capacity and pay-as-you go economics, and save time and money by eliminating local tape and offsite archive solutions.
  • Panzura Inside. Panzura provides a hybrid cloud storage solution that addresses unstructured data with a modern cloud plus cache storage architecture. The result is a best of breed solution that combines a purpose built flash-based system to boost virtual environments with a future proof Hybrid Cloud NAS solution for file data – completely eliminating the need for traditional NAS systems.
  • Hybrid Cloud. C&S Companies is able to give remote users access to virtual desktops that connect to Panzura’s global file system directly in the cloud.


  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Mead & Hunt and NELSON have increased project profitability and reduced infrastructure costs by using Panzura to enable real-time cross site collaboration in CAD and BIM applications.
  • Manufacturing. Milwaukee Tool uses Panzura to make global collaboration possible between its Wisconsin and China offices. Engineers across sites can work on the same set of product design files and share large video files without waiting for them to transfer across the network.
  • Media and Entertainment. Companies like Electronic Arts and Dreamworks have found success with Panzura, enabling them to cut transfer times and reduce storage costs while still delivering projects on time using existing applications.
  • Oil and Gas. Large Oil Companies use Panzura as a single solution to address multiple concerns including global data availability, file transfer speeds, archiving, backup, and the overall cost of storage and data protection.
  • Government and Legal. Thanks to Panzura, Organizations like the U.S. Department of Justice are able to securely around the globe through the cloud, all without worrying about file versioning or data integrity issues.
  • Other Industries. Panzura supports many other industries, including Finance and Banking, Healthcare, High Tech, and many more.