Cross-Site Collaboration

The way users work has transformed, and now more than ever, they need to collaborate across sites as virtual teams. But they still need to use many of the same applications — applications that were designed to work on the LAN, not across today’s global networks.

Engineers, architects, designers and other professionals need to be able to collaborate and work on the same project files no matter where they’re located, but often end up waiting 20 to 30 minutes for files to open or sync. The alternative — maintaining separate local copies of files — creates a version control nightmare that can lead to data integrity issues.

There’s a better way. Collaborating across sites with technical apps and design files can be much easier.

Cross-Site Collaboration

Panzura works the way you do. Our Hybrid Cloud Storage provides a locking, immediately consistent global file system for storing your application data that spans all your offices, giving your users in Singapore the same fast, consistent access to files as your users in New York or London. Panzura’s patented Distributed Cloud File System lets users in different offices work together like they’re in the same room – even on the largest, most complex files.

Panzura Freedom Filer appliances, backed by the cloud of your choice, centralize all the file data in all tiers across your offices and provides a single, consistent distributed file locking system across all sites. It behaves just like a local, locking Windows filer to users, but is backed by a central cloud data repository. It’s simpler, faster, and less expensive than deploying primary, backup, and archive storage at each site, and running WAN optimization over private networks.

By using public or private cloud storage as a Hybrid Cloud NAS, you can also consolidate and simplify infrastructure significantly. Cross-Site Collaboration gives you several benefits:

  • Happier, more productive users. The Panzura Distributed Cloud File System speeds up file and project collaboration across sites, cutting file open times from 30 minutes or even hours to just seconds. End users spend less time waiting on the files they need while you can put your expertise wherever it is needed most.
  • Immediately consistent global data. Most solutions sync or replicate data at scheduled intervals. With a Panzura Distributed Cloud File System, all data is immediately consistent across all sites as soon as it’s changed at any site
  • Eliminate inefficient local NAS and file servers at each office. The Panzura Distributed Cloud File System turns your choice of public or private cloud storage into a giant “NAS in the sky” and makes it the authoritative source for all your file data, while files feel like they’re local for every user.
  • No more local backups or cumbersome tapes. Cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft automatically backup and archive data, so you can consolidate backup and tape archive operations from multiple sites to the cloud.
  • Reduce WAN infrastructure and costs. Inline global deduplication and compression means only the file changes are sent, eliminating the need for WAN Optimization. Distributed file locking means file operations always happen locally and application data doesn’t need to cross the WAN each time a user opens, saves or closes a file because operations are local. You can even replace your MPLS connections with faster and less expensive Internet connections by leveraging Panzura’s FIPS 140-2 security.
  • Built-in disaster recovery. Panzura uses the cloud as the authoritative data source, letting you consolidate all of your backup and DR under one roof. Since cloud providers use redundant copies of data and multiple data centers to architect system durability into their service, your data is always recoverable. Your data is already stored off-site across multiple sites, so you don’t have to worry about tape backups. Panzura’s snapshots also provide point-in-time recovery for as long as you need it.
  • Pay as you go. With cloud, it econo-magical. You only pay your cloud provider for the storage you need, so you can take advantage of the falling price of cloud storage, and instantly scale your cloud instance to best suit your data needs.

Milwaukee Tool, a leading manufacturer, was struggling to share product files across its 23 locations in the U.S. and China with 40+ minute file open times. Copying large files took hours. It centralized all its unstructured data on Panzura, so users in any location can now open CAD and PLM files in just seconds. Panzura’s FIPS 140-2 certified solution also assures data integrity and security for all the data.

C&S, an engineering company, deployed Panzura and saw a 150x increase in performance for applications like Autodesk Revit and Civil3D across its 16 offices — all without changing user workflows. The company was also able to consolidate all of its file data to the cloud and eliminate local disk-to-disk backup and archive, saving over $100,000 a year in infrastructure costs.

A key to our success is the ability to quickly access complex project data files, regardless of the office in which they reside. We had implemented WAN optimization, but only Panzura made it possible for our workers to access complex data files at LAN speeds from any of our offices”

-Eric Quinn, IT Director at C&S Companies

You can learn more about Freedom Collaboration, Panzura’s cross-site collaboration solution.