The Panzura PZOS operating system orchestrates the functioning of the global file system and Quicksilver Cloud Storage Controller while overlaying several key functions that improve the operation and efficiency of the entire Global Cloud Storage System:
Panzura OS

  • Performance Scaling ensures that if performance requirements grow beyond the capabilities of a single Quicksilver controller, the Panzura OS facilitates easy performance scaling through additional controllers that join the existing global file system.  No matter which Quicksilver controller a host connects to, the same data is available.  The system inherently scales-out and is balanced.
  • Support Assistance allows the Panzura OS to monitor the health of each Cloud Storage Controller and automatically notify Panzura support if any hardware component failures occur.  Panzura is able to proactively respond with replacements, often before you even notice the issue.
  • Military-grade encryption ensures that data is protected from theft of enterprise data outside the enterprise firewall.  Layered on top of data security measures taken by cloud storage providers, Panzura’s encrypts data at rest with AES-256-CBC and data in motion with SSL v3.1 so any successful infiltration will result in useless data for the thief.  This multi-layered data security structure can result in data in the cloud being more secure than data within corporate firewalls.  In addition, the OS uses your organization’s X.509 certificate (up to 4096 bits) to establish a secure network both between Panzura controllers, as well as between the controllers and your core data repository (private or public cloud).
  • Global deduplication is finally achieved with Panzura.  Files are deduplicated in-line across locations, ensuring that only unique files are ever stored in the cloud.  In addition, deduplication tables are also stored in the cloud, so if a site ever has to recover from a disaster, all deduplication references are preserved and available to the recovery site.
  • Cloud API integration dramatically simplifies deploying the cloud as another storage tier.  The Panzura OS has built-in, full-tested support for all major cloud storage providers and has the ability to add support for new APIs as the market demands.  The user simply selects a cloud storage provider from a drop-down menu, enters cloud account credentials, and can begin storing data in the cloud.
  • Application integration is also critical for a cloud storage solution.  The Panzura OS supports both CIFS and NFS protocols, enabling any application supporting either of these protocols to interface easily with the Panzura Global Cloud Storage System.  This simplifies integration and deployment since no changes are needed to existing infrastructures.  Simply point applications to a Quicksilver controller and gain the benefits of this seamless, cloud-integrated global file system.
  • While the benefits of cloud storage are enormous, there will always be some files copies of which are deemed important to be kept local.  Panzura allows for pinning of files to local controllers in order to satisfy this need where necessary.  Each controller has a built in Intelligent Read Cache that is used to store local copies of warm data to improve performance and buffer against variations in cloud connectivity.  By pinning documents to this cache, local copies will always be available.
  • To further data transfer performance, overcome latency and ensure consistency throughout the global file system, Panzura leverages parallel I/O connectivity to the cloud, breaking data up into small drive files that get sent over multiple I/O connections to be stored as object in the cloud.  This big-pipe connectivity maximizes bandwidth usage for optimum performance while throttling capability lets IT administrators manage the amount of WAN bandwidth used by Panzura controllers during times of heavy network demands.