With Panzura Freedom 7, the chaos of yesterday is now transformed into the simplicity and control that you require

Bringing Control to Unstructured Data Chaos

The explosion of unstructured data growth is quickly outpacing the scale and operational limits of traditional storage systems…and it has thrown unstructured data management into a state of chaos. According to Gartner, “Infrastructure and Operations leaders have identified ‘managing data growth to support business demands as the top … Read More

Albert Einstein series around Forrester Report

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Respecting Physics

This is the second in a series related to the recently published Forrester Report, “Hybrid Cloud is the Foundation for Storage Agility and Economics” (April 2017), by Richard Fichera. You can read my first blog in this series, “Hybrid Cloud Storage: A Smarter Storage Model” here. In my … Read More

Panzura Customers Don’t Pay Ransoms

Panzura Customers Don’t Pay Ransoms: That Brings WannaCry to Tears

On Friday, May 12, 2017, a massive global attack by the ransomware WannaCry rocked the world. With over 200,000 attacks recorded in 150 countries, this was one of the broadest and most damaging cyberattacks to date. While ransomware attack “WannaCry” is the most high-profile attack so far, it … Read More

Real-time matters

Real-time Matters

We have heard some FUD coming from our friends at Nasuni about our file locking capabilities. Could that be to divert attention from what they offer? Panzura is the leader in REAL-TIME global file locking. That means we provide the lock at the time of open, not eventually … Read More


Hybrid Cloud Storage: A Smarter Storage Model

Have you read Forrester’s “Hybrid Cloud Is The Foundation For Storage Agility And Economics by Richard Fichera (April 2017)” report? A few key things jumped out at me as I read it: Hybrid cloud is the future Cloud is far more than just another storage tier Cloud forces … Read More