Hybrid Cloud Storage: A Smarter Storage Model

Have you read Forrester’s “Hybrid Cloud Is The Foundation For Storage Agility And Economics by Richard Fichera (April 2017)” report?

A few key things jumped out at me as I read it:

  • Hybrid cloud is the future
  • Cloud is far more than just another storage tier
  • Cloud forces a new architectural approach to everything

Hybrid cloud is the future. I’ve been doing this “cloud thing” for well over 5 years, even before they called it cloud. I’ve watched IT professionals suggest that the move to the cloud will never happen in their organizations. Just like they said virtualization would never take off in the datacenter. Remember that? And now it’s hard to find an organization without a virtualization first (and sometimes only) model. Are we at that point with the cloud? I’d suggest yes. Organizations need a hybrid cloud strategy, they need what the cloud can offer; elasticity, pay as you grow, and economics.

But is cloud just another storage tier? This is where hybrid cloud storage comes in. The cloud should not be just another storage tier where you unload your unstructured data/user files into a storage silo. Panzura Freedom hybrid cloud storage offers solutions around NAS, disaster recovery, active archive, plus storage for cloud compute and mobile access. IDC reports that by the year 2020, we will produce 1.7MB of new data for every person on Earth, every second of every day. If you are struggling with a data explosion, even if not to this extent, what are your plans to house all of your data?

The classic approach can no longer support the needs of the business. The cloud is here and hybrid cloud storage is a reality today! The storage status quo can no longer support the dynamic business model or the cost of constantly upgrading, expanding, and supporting on-premise storage. Gartner reports that you are spending about $2.52 per GB* per year to store data. That is the same price for both active data as well as cold data, yet 90% is inactive/cold in as little 6 months. As data growth explodes, your budget won’t be able to keep up. Hybrid cloud storage can save you up to 70% over traditional solutions, making your business more agile so you can compete and grow.

The Forrester report suggests that “clouds, and the workloads they house, are getting larger and more business-critical on a daily basis. Beyond raw scale, you must leverage new strategies and technologies and supercharge your hybrid cloud storage strategy to keep pace with innovation.” Panzura offers a smarter storage model. Our hybrid cloud storage solutions help you address the storage data explosion; reducing your total cost of storage including storage infrastructure, management, maintenance, and data center costs while delivering highly available data, accessible from anywhere with unlimited capacity. If you are curious about the savings that are possible with Panzura check out our TCO Calculator.

Check back soon. This is the first in a series of blogs that will focus on some of the hybrid cloud storage challenges that Forrester mentions in their report; physics (WAN Latency), storage patterns (access), long migrations of data to the cloud and security. We will help you understand how Panzura can help you address these concerns when using hybrid cloud storage.

* “The Issues and Costs of Building Your Own Storage, Compared to Buying Storage or Using Cloud Storage.” Sept 28, 2015, Authors: Valdis Filks and Arun Chandrasekaran, Gartner.

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