Freedom Family

Freedom to the third power

Today we announced our new Freedom product family, enabling organizations to leverage the economics of cloud storage to solve unstructured data growth challenges with a solution that evolves to fit their hybrid cloud storage requirements.

Panzura has predominantly been known for our distributed cloud file system where Milwaukee Tool summed up the capabilities nicely:  “The Panzura solution was really a game changer for us. Essentially we’ve created a global organization that is now virtually working in the same room.”

However, there are many other Panzura customers that leverage hybrid cloud storage for Active Archive or Hybrid Cloud NAS in order to leverage the economics, unlimited capacity, and pay as you grow business model of cloud storage, while keeping the performance and features of local enterprise storage — not just for collaboration.

American College of Radiology is a great example of a customer that is using a combination of Panzura Freedom Archive and IBM Cloud Object Storage to store digital radiology files in economically efficient cloud storage while still providing fast, online access to that data, enabling rapid retrieval when needed.  The previous traditional storage model of backing up and replicating data multiple times was just not sustainable.  We also just installed another active archive customer using Panzura and IBM Cloud Object Storage for surveillance video.  We won that deal against the leading scale-out NAS vendor because we were only caching active data locally while the scale-out NAS was storing 90% of the data in expensive local storage and tiering a small portion to more economically efficient cloud storage.

Freedom NAS adds in the ability to easily access the data from other sites by overlaying a Global Namespace across those sites.  Freedom NAS comes in two options:

The Primary/Secondary option enables two locations to have read/write capability locally and read capability at other location, similar to a NetApp NAS systems at each location with SnapMirror replicating to the second location.

The Multisite option takes that same concept to a larger number of offices.  Every location has read/write capability locally and read capability at other locations.

Freedom Collaboration overlays a Distributed Cloud File System over all Freedom NAS locations with Distributed File Locking and Global Deduplication.  Each site is in the same single Distributed Cloud File System and has read/write capability locally in that file system.  This is the solution that Milwaukee Tool uses to reduce SOLIDWORKS file open times between the US and China from over 40 minutes to just seconds and 4000 frame per second video from 6-7 hours to where it just “flew off the Panzura.”

Freedom Archive, Freedom NAS, and Freedom Collaboration, free organizations from storing inactive data on expensive NAS systems, provides the freedom to choose any cloud provider, and provides the freedom to choose the hybrid cloud storage functionality needed now and upgrade to additional functionality later.  Freedom to the third no matter how you look at it.

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