Global Deduplication & Caching

Enterprise Grade

Over the last year, we’ve seen a number of large enterprises ditch the traditional storage model of islands of storage at each location and adopt a simple cloud and cache model that not only eliminates the need for NAS, but also separate backup, DR, and archive as well as all the networking gear needed to support replication. A good example of switching from the storage status quo to a Hybrid Cloud NAS model was discussed by Ken Danilla from Woodard & Curran in this webinar. Woodard & Curran has 27 sites and replaced dual NetApps and SnapMirror at each site along with Riverbed WAN acceleration and the MPLS network need to support SnapMirror replication. Ken saved Woodard and Curran over $225,000 per year just by removing MPLS (while significantly increasing bandwidth) while also saving another $120,000 per year not doing refreshes on NetApp, SnapMirror, and Riverbed.

Whether large enterprises installed Panzura for Active Archive, Hybrid Cloud NAS, or Cross-Site Collaboration, everything has to be enterprise grade. Today we made an announcement on additional enhancements that furthers our market-leading enterprise scale, performance, throughput, and availability.

Among these enhancements are larger platforms to meet the need of larger office sizes. We also introduced improvements in HA (high availability) failback to make it easier for companies to test their disaster recovery planning. As Hybrid Cloud Storage is a combination of local cache, network, and cloud storage all working together as one, storage, network, performance, and user analytics across all controllers are now available through a single pane of glass. Support for IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Object Storage and Virtustream, as well as the ability to write to multiple cloud storage providers, has also been added.

One of the things we also heard from these large customers was that they wanted a higher level of more personalized support. In response, we are offering a new Technical Account Manager program. Panzura Technical Account Managers can be dedicated or shared, and provide personalized planning and operational support of the Panzura Hybrid Cloud Storage environment.

Moving to a Hybrid Cloud Storage model saves a tremendous amount of both capital and operational expense, but has to be enterprise grade. Our latest version of software is the most rock solid release ever delivered by Panzura and demonstrates our continued focus on exceeding the needs of large enterprise customers.

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