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Cloud News of the Week – March 31, 2017

Adapting To The Cloud’s Mainstream Future


By Mark Brinda and Michael Heric

The growth of cloud computing has exceeded almost everyone’s expectations over the past five years, with cloud accounting for 70% of related IT market growth from 2012 to 2015. Revenues for public and private cloud software, services and hardware now amount to $180 billion annually, or 16% of the $1.1 trillion enterprise IT industry.

How to get the most out of data, services in a multi-cloud world


By Juan Carlos Soto

There’s no doubt that we’re quickly moving toward a multi-cloud-dominated world. By the end of 2018, over half of enterprise-class businesses will subscribe to more than five different public cloud services. The pragmatic reality for the vast majority of enterprises is that their IT, and thus their data and services, will span multiple data centers and computing clouds. This will accelerate fragmentation of data and systems that have to be seamlessly integrated to yield their full potential.

Hybrid Clouds: The New Enterprise Normal


By Arthur Cole

Although detractors may decry it as a waste of money and resources, the enterprise seems to have settled on the hybrid cloud as the infrastructure play for the emerging digital services economy. But far from being a monolithic construct, the hybrid cloud consists of many moving parts and there is great diversity in deployment configurations that can have a significant impact on the performance of key applications.

Evaluate machine learning services in public cloud


By Alan R Earls

Cloud computing has pushed machine learning into the mainstream and made it more affordable for enterprises. See what services are available from top vendors AWS, Azure and Google. More affordable machine learning services in the cloud, particularly from leading vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Azure, have democratized the technology, making it available to more organizations and for more purposes than ever before.

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