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Complete Data Management for the Cloud Age.

Get the complete, scalable solution to manage, move, control, see and protect your data, wherever it is.

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Data management for the cloud age

The Powerful, Scalable Solution for Managing Data Everywhere

Panzura’s multi-cloud data management platform is a single, unified data engine designed to securely power even the most rigorous, large scale multi-site enterprise data workflows across the globe. Intelligent edge technologies enable LAN performance with cloud economics together with simplified data management, advanced analytics, reduced operational complexity, and improved security.

Data Storage: Replacing Legacy Solutions

Panzura CloudFS

This award-winning global file system lets you consolidate, organize, and distribute data across your entire organization, keeping it compliant, and making it immune to ransomware.

Panzura CloudFS


Panzura Cloud Block Store

Cloud Block Store's parallel storage delivers cloud native, auto-scaling storage for systems with workloads that require extremely large, and potentially temporary, cache.

Panzura Cloud Block Store


Data Services: Powerful SaaS Data Management

Panzura Data Services

Panzura Data Services

Panzura Data Services empowers complete visibility and control across all data sets, enabling always-on governance and real-time global data search and retrieval.

Find any file or file event with search. Track and audit file usage and distribution. Easily monitor, manage, and configure entire CloudFS systems with the click of a button. Review systems via automated diagnostics providing situational awareness of your data environment.


Data Intelligence: File Logistics and Intelligence

Panzura’s smart layer provides next-generation data management capabilities, enabling consolidation, simplification, and advanced ransomware protection.

Ransomware Resilience

Panzura Ransomware Protection

Analyze billions of events and data points from multiple sources. Identifies anomalous events, sends alerts, and starts recovery.

Global Metadata Catalog

Global metadata catalog

A discovery and cataloging system that automatically collects metadata from all sources in an enterprise.

Panzura Company Connect

Cross-site collaboration

Provide suppliers, partners, subsidiaries, or anyone else with appropriate CloudFS access, quickly and securely.

Data Provisioning and Logistics

Data logistics and provisioning - Panzura

Determines usage patterns across the network and pre-provisions the latest data to meet expected demands.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance - Panzura

SOC2 certified SaaS solutions that allow customers to manage, govern and report on all their data assets.

"Every single country has Panzura running, and they are globally working together. It's a fundamental because, for the majority of time over the last 20 years, those regions have been in silos and we had to shuttle content back and forth."


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