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Panzura CloudFS and Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian HyperStore is highly secure, exabyte-scalable, S3-compatible on-premise object storage that reduces storage costs by up to 70%, and is hybrid multi-cloud ready.

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Teamwork in Action

Together, Panzura CloudFS and Cloudian help enterprises modernize, manage and scale their file and storage infrastructure with a globally available, highly performant NAS and Object Storage solution. The joint solution optimizes the enterprise unstructured data footprint, scales as required and delivers one authoritative data source for multiple locations in a resilient file system without replicating data.

  1. Durable, highly available cloud storage for all use cases.
  2. Highly scalable, low latency.
  3. Data deduplication and
    consolidation for exceptional
    cost efficiencies.

Turn Cloudian into a high performance global file system with Panzura​


Improve Data Resilience Without Replication

Panzura and Cloudian replace traditional methods of replicating data for backup and disaster recovery. Instead, lightweight snapshots are taken at configurable intervals and can be stored in any Cloudian S3 cloud bucket, providing a granular point-in-time ability to restore individual files, folders or even the entire file system as required.


Migrate to Object Storage Without Rewriting a Single Application

Critical legacy applications that are written for files can’t read data stored as object blocks and rewriting them presents a significant barrier to moving to object storage. With Panzura, legacy apps just work without rewriting a line of code.


Become Invulnerable to Ransomware

Snapshots are stored as immutable data (Write Once, Read Many), so cannot be encrypted in the event of a ransomware or other malware attack. Changed data is stored as new data blocks, which do not overwrite existing data blocks. This allows enterprises to recover from a ransomware attack, if needed, by restoring unencrypted files from previous snapshots, minimizing lost data and recovery time without paying a cent in ransom.


Share Data Securely Outside of Your Organization

Panzura’s enterprise file sync and share solution is natively integrated with CloudFS to allow controlled sharing of files externally according to your organization’s security policy, without replicating data through a third-party file sharing service.

Panzura is proud to be a Cloudian HyperStore Partner.

Download the Solutions Brief

Cloudian + Panzura =Durability, Scalability and Resilience at a Compelling Price

  1. Enterprise-grade object storage with native S3 API
  2. 70% savings vs legacy storage
  3. Integrated data protection
  4. Geo-distributed deployment
  5. Military-grade security
  6. Deduplicate and consolidate data from multiple locations
  7. All the functionality and speed of single-site NAS, globally
  8. Single authoritative data set across your entire organization
  9. Automatic global file locking
  10. Immediate global data consistency
  11. Local file operation performance
  12. Migrate apps to Cloudian without rewrite
  13. Protect data with 60-second snapshots that can't be overwritten
  14. Protection against ransomware with immutable data
  15. Enterprise file sync and share without data replication

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