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Sheppard Robson Replace NetApps with Nimble+Panzura, Eliminating an entire Data Center!

Listen to this on-demand webinar to hear how Sheppard Robson, a 75+ year old design firm replaced their NetApps with Nimble for block data and AWS+Panzura for file data. Sheppard Robson also shut down an entire datacenter by consolidating their unstructured data to AWS S3 and caching active data on Panzura appliances in their offices.

Storage Switzerland

How to Use Cloud Storage to Overcome The 3 Challenges to ACTIVE Data Archiving

In this webinar, Storage Switzerland and Panzura cover the reasons to aggressively archive data, the challenges to an aggressive archiving strategy and, most importantly, how to combine the economics of cloud storage and performance of flash for an active archiving solution that solves these challenges.

NetApp and SnapMirror replaced by Azure and Panzura at Woodard & Curran

NetApp and SnapMirror replaced by Azure and Panzura at Woodard & Curran

Watch this webinar to hear from Woodard & Curran’s Kenneth Danila and Microsoft’s Craig Lieboff to learn how Woodard & Curran replaced two NetApps with SnapMirror in each office plus Riverbed and MPLS by using the Azure and Panzura — saving $225,000 each year in MPLS and another $120,000 each year in … Read More

ESG Global

The Hidden Costs of the Storage Status Quo

With unstructured data growing at 30% or more per year, organizations are finding the traditional mechanisms of storing and managing data unable to keep pace. Still, despite this, many IT organizations are choosing to stay with the same basic storage model. In this webinar, ESG examines the cost … Read More

milwaukee tool

Learn to Solve Cross-Site CAD Collaboration Issues

Learn how Milwaukee Tool reduced AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS and HD video file open times for its global offices from hours to just seconds while ensuring file integrity — and cut storage costs by over $40,000 per shelf in the process. View the Milwaukee Tool Webinar Now