Why Panzura?

The Problem: Machine Data Growth is Exploding

Machine generated data sets like 3D Imaging, 4K Videos, Seismic Tape Data, IOT, Log Files are all unstructured file data use cases that are driving exponential growth in the enterprise. The legacy NAS Solution was not designed to keep up with this growth and data sprawl.

World's data will grow by 50x

Data Types

  • 3D Images
  • 4K Video
  • IoT
  • Log Data
  • Seismic Data
  • Splunk>
  • Hadoop®

Legacy NAS Can’t Keep Up

Legacy NAS architectures can’t keep up with exponential machine data growth. These limitations lead to data islands, data sprawl, and cost increases.

Legacy NAS can't keep up - Data Sprawl

Is Cloud the Solution? Yes, But…

Panzura believes cloud is the answer for agilty, durablity, and scalablity however cloud requires application rewrite, lacks local performance, and cloud can become another data island. The enterprise needs a new solution.

Cloud-First Initiatives

The Solution: Panzura + the Cloud

The combination of Panzura and the Cloud is the total enterprise solution enabling the consolidation of data into a single source of truth without sacrificing performance and eliminating the need for application rewrite.

Cloud is the answer

Panzura Unlocks the Power of Data in the Cloud

Consolidate data to create a single source of truth and unlock the power of data with the ability to access it from anywhere from a mobile device, collaborate globally, analyze, control, and govern the data.

Access, Collaborate, Analyze, Control - Unlock the Power of Data

Panzura delivers the industry’s first enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud – Panzura CloudFS™

From the beginning, our file system was architected to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements and continues to lead the industry in innovation and adoption.

What constitutes an enterprise file system?

Panzura Enterprise File System - Performance

Enterprise Scale, Performance, and Resource Utilization

Manage 100% of your unstructured data in the cloud of your choice, scale to tens of thousands of users at each of any number of sites. Gain cloud economics, scalability, and durability with the performance of all flash local storage for every user, everywhere.

Panzura Enterprise File System - Global Collaboration

Enterprise Global Collaboration

The only solution with real-time, global file and byte range locking that meets the demanding SLAs of modern, collaborative applications and enterprise users. Eliminate the impact of latency and enable globally distributed users to work together in real time, as if they were in the same room.

Panzura Enterprise File System - Workloads and Mobile

Enterprise File Services for Data Center Workloads and Mobile Clients

Deliver high-performance enterprise file services for SMB, NFS, HTTP, and Docker container workloads with integrated client and mobile access. Supports every user, everywhere, in real time using the enterprise workloads that power your organization, without any changes to your applications or workflows.

Panzura Enterprise File System - Flexibility

Enterprise Deployment and Buying Flexibility

Choose from flexible business and deployment models that deliver the freedom to meet your business requirements. Take advantage of either CAPEX or OPEX models that meet your business need and use any combination of physical filer, virtual machine, or in-cloud instance along with the public, private, or hybrid cloud of your choice.

Panzura Enterprise File System - Automation

Enterprise Automation and Centralized Management

Automation via a REST-based API and centralized management simplifies operations across the global enterprise. With easy, simple deployment, you can go from inception to managing unstructured data in only minutes, a process that used to take months with legacy storage.

Panzura Enterprise File System - Protection

Enterprise Cloud Data Protection and Availability

Complete cloud data protection and high-availability with no single point of failure. Eliminate cumbersome backup and DR processes with dedicated and global HA options, immediate data consistency, granular snapshot restoration, and a near-zero RPO.

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