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Learn how™ helps you search, analyze, and control your data.

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Multi-Cloud Data Search

Index and search metadata across all filers including NetApp, Isilon, VNX, Windows Server or any NFS or SMB compatible file shares. Multi-Cloud Data Search

High speed data indexing


Global metadata search


Global file audit search

Multi-Cloud Data Analytics

Discover and reveal patterns across enterprise data with advanced Elasticsearch analytics.

Data Aging Report


Storage Usage Profiler


File Audit Report Filters Multi-Cloud Data Analytics

Multi-Cloud Data Control

Policy driven, automated data control and governance across private and public clouds. Multi-Cloud Data Control

Restore data from snapshots


Clone data for DevOps and testing


Move data between cloud storage tiers to optimize cost


Automate data control and governance with policy

Multi-Cloud Data Services Platform is built on a breakthrough, hyper-scale multi-cloud data engine orchestrated by Kubernetes. It has an embedded machine learning and policy engine for data analytics and control.’s open API enables a new world of third-party multi-cloud data applications — from IoT to security monitoring to log analysis to cost optimization.

Multi-Cloud Data Platform

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